House Cleaning Services in Denver, CO

We Offer Professional House Cleaning Services

We offer premier house and commercial cleaning services in Denver and surrounding areas.

Deluxe Deep Cleaning Services

Initial / One Time / Move Out & In

All initial cleanings are considered Deluxe Deep Cleanings. This includes a thorough cleaning of all doors, baseboards, blinds, vents, furniture, floors, grout, cabinets, etc.

Our team is most successful at Perfect Maintenance Cleanings when proper time and effort is devoted to your surfaces on our initial visit.

Initial Deluxe Deep Cleanings typically take 12-18 hours to complete. On your Initial Cleaning Service, 3-4 of our well-trained Team Members will come to your home at 9 am to care for your home. 

After every cleaning, you will receive a Text & Email with the opportunity to share your feedback and let us know how YOU feel we did. If you feel any area of your home needs more attention we will gladly return to fix it. This is typically not needed as our team takes great pride in their work and performs a final walkthrough with you to ensure you are satisfied! 

ADD ON’S: Interior Windows + Interior Fridge + Interior Oven

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Perfect Maintenance Cleanings

Weekly / Every Two Weeks / Every 4 Weeks

Most clients prefer cleanings every other week as this helps reduce their workload by an average of 20 hours a month. 

Our team members clean 2 homes a day independently. The first arrival is 9 am and second arrival is between 12 pm and 2 pm.

We optimize our schedule and routes so our teams are cleaning the same homes as often as possible. In the event your regularly scheduled cleaner is unavailable, we will send a replacement team member who was trained just the same. In addition to our consistent training, we maintain detailed notes of your home and preferences so every cleaning experience is just as great as the last!

Perfect Maintenance Cleanings are designed to maintain your whole home, NOT clean every single thing in your entire home. Our team is trained to clean in a top to bottom and left to right manner so all horizontal surfaces and high touch points are consistently maintained. 

We recommend all Perfect Maintenance Clients schedule a Deluxe Deep Cleaning 2-4 times a year to ensure your entire home is well cared for you and you never have to clean your home again! 

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 What We Don’t Do

Service Clients Who Are Disrespectful To Our Cleaning Specialists – Clean Up Pet Accidents or Any Other Bio-hazardous Substances – Lift and Move Heavy Furniture Requiring 2 or More People – Climb Ladders Above 2 ft.

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