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Perfect Maintenance House Cleaning Services

Professional Residential Cleaning Services

We offer thoughtfully and environmentally friendly house cleaning services in Denver and surrounding areas.

Perfect Residential Cleaning Services for Your Home

Weekly / Bi Weekly / Monthly House Cleaning Services

Regular maintenance of your home’s surfaces and furnishings maintain the investment you initially made in them. 

Our House Cleaning Technicians are trained to thoughtfully move through each room using the TBLR method (TBLR = Top to Bottom & Left to Right).

For Perfect Maintenance Cleanings our focus is to clean the whole home in 3-4 hours (depending on the number of people, pets, bathrooms, the types of flooring you have, the frequency of our visits, and a few other factors).

While our team members work very hard and take pride in what they do their job is NOT to clean every single thing in your entire home on the Perfect Maintenance visits.

Our focus is to clean your home as a whole, with a focus on all horizontal surfaces and high touch point areas like light-switches, door handles, cabinets pulls, etc.

There will be days when your home has more build up than others and that is okay! We pride ourselves on our training methods and flat rate pricing to ensure your home is cleaned efficiently each visit without your price fluctuating month to month.

If you are wanting a deeper level of cleaning each visit then we suggest you book the Deluxe Deep Cleaning for your recurring services.  

We recommend all Perfect Maintenance Clients schedule a Deluxe Deep Cleaning 2-4 times a year to ensure your entire home is well cared for you and you never have to clean your home again! 

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 What We Don’t Do

Service Clients Who Are Disrespectful To Our Cleaning Specialists – Clean Up Pet Accidents or Any Other Bio-hazardous Substances – Lift and Move Heavy Furniture Requiring 2 or More People – Climb Ladders Above 2 ft.

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