About Dashing Maids in Denver, CO


Dashing Maids is more than just a house cleaning service. We take the uncertainty out of hiring someone to clean your home. We are fully insured and bonded so rest assured your home and belongings are safe.


We take the time to better understand your home and how we can be the best house cleaners for you! Your initial cleaning will always take a bit more time as we spend the extra effort to bring everything back to its initial splendor. Moving forward we are able to keep all necessary cleaning tasks on a rotation that keeps your home in tip-top shape.


Our house cleaners are trained to locate all touch points in the home and to thoroughly disinfect them at each visit, therefore reducing the number of sick days our clients have to take off.


We save our clients an average of 5+ hours of house cleaning each week. The result is that they are able to spend time doing what they love with the people they love!



Our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly, sustainable and produce no harsh smells or odors. At the end of every cleaning we lightly mist a lavender essential oil spray throughout, for a fresh and relaxing scent when you arrive home.


Our house cleaning technicians utilize Microfiber cloths to eliminate paper towel waste and the excessive use of cleaning solutions. Microfibers are designed to collect and lock in the dirt and bacteria that lingers throughout the home. Our methods will significantly improve the indoor air quality of your home, protecting the health and safety of your entire family, fur-kids included.


True house cleaning can not be completed with the traditional box vacuums found in chain stores and online. Our upright Riccar vacuums will extract 3x the dirt as your household Shark or Dyson vacuums. Our backpack vacuums are much more efficient than sweeping hard surfaces with a broom which does a better job at kicking all the dirt/dust up into the air. All vacuums are equipped with a triple Hepa Filtration system ensuring no dust or dirt particles make their way back into the air once we are finished.


We are constantly researching new ways to better our efforts and achieve our goals for minimizing the environmental impact of home cleaning. Denver has never had a better house cleaning service!




We originated in Denver in 2013 and plan to stick around for a long time. To say we are selective when it comes to hiring is an understatement. Dashing Maids filters through over 100 cleaning specialist applicants before hiring a single new team member. We spend another month training and guiding these individuals to become highly skilled cleaning gurus. Our house cleaners are hired on personality and trained on skill. You have never experienced a house cleaning service in Denver that will care more about your home and the experience you have.


Our house cleaners take great pride in their work and truly enjoy the independence and responsibility that comes with a cleaning specialist position at Dashing Maids. We pay our house cleaners considerably more than our competitors because we know how labor intensive it can be and want to make sure the jobs we are creating are helping our community and not hurting it. We offer unlimited yoga classes, and bonuses of massage and acupuncture to our team members so they have the resources to take care of themselves first.


As local Denver house cleaners, we are proud to be a small business in the quickly growing state of Colorado & we wanted to make sure we dug our roots deep. One of our favorite things to do in our community is to host Dashing Deeds Team Clean Up events! Twice a year Dashing Maids teams up with its friends, family, neighbors, clients’ and partners to clean up their own streets, parks, and neighborhoods! Be sure to connect with us on Social media to stay tuned for our next big clean up event!


We at Dashing Maids are proud to provide FREE cleanings for women battling cancer through our partnership with Cleaning For A Reason!!!

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