We bet this isn’t the first time you’re hearing how vinegar can be a miracle cleaning product and we’re sure you’ve given it a shot before. Vinegar, particularly the distilled white kind, is an excellent and all-natural cleaning agent that can come in handy in numerous cleaning jobs. From polishing hard surfaces to removing stains, this miracle product is a must try for all those homeowners that want a quick and inexpensive solution to their cleaning problems.

However, knowing how and when to use this natural acidic cleaning agent is important. You can’t just rub it wherever you like. In fact, some materials can get damaged if they come in contact with distilled white vinegar. Here in this article we’re listing down all the ways you can benefit from vinegar as a cleaning agent and how to use it in the right way.

What Can’t You Clean with Vinegar

Before we jump into everything that vinegar can be used to clean, we’ll talk about what it can’t clean. Vinegar is a weak acid and that means that it has a certain amount of caustic property to it. That’s what makes it such a good cleaning liquid after all. But some materials are vulnerable to damage from the vinegar. Here are some things that you should avoid cleaning with this household cleaning agent:

·        Surfaces that are made up of stone like granite, ceramic or marble.

·        Floors that are no-wax

·        Grout that is not sealed

·        Ironing machine

·        Appliances and electronic devices including TV screens

·        Anything that’s made up of wood

·        Anything that’s made of up aluminum

·        Egg stains and spills

·        Cast iron materials

There are other materials that can make it into the no-vinegar list as well so don’t rely on this short list only. Always read the manufacturer’s booklet about the material you’re about to clean with vinegar.

Tips to Clean with Vinegar

By now you’re probably thinking maybe vinegar isn’t the safest household cleaning agent to use. But think again! Despite some contraindications, this liquid is a powerful cleaner, green and cheap. We’ve got some cool tips for you on how and where to use this all-purpose cleaning solution.

Polishing chrome: Chrome is a metal that makes a common appearance in practically every room of your house especially the bathroom and the kitchen. To clean chrome with vinegar, you’ll want to use about a cup of distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle and some fresh microfiber cloths. Simply spritz the vinegar from the bottle on the surface of the chrome where you want to regain the shine and buff it out with a clean and fresh microfiber cloth. You may have to leave the vinegar on the stain for a long time if it’s old and stubborn before wiping it away with the cloth.

Cleaning windows and glass: Another common use of vinegar is to clean the windows and glass at home. As with chrome polishing, you’ll need a cup of distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle along with plain water and microfiber cloths. Mix the plain water in the contents of the spray bottle to attain a diluted solution and spray it on the windows or glass. Be mindful of not spraying too much because it could leave some streaks. We suggest cleaning from the top of the glass window to the bottom. Wipe the vinegar with clean and fresh microfiber cloth along the way to remove any streaks.

Cleaning the toilet bowl: It’s not rare to find hard water stains in your toilet bowl and vinegar can help remove them. These hard water stains are not only unsightly but they can accumulate over time as well. To get rid of them, use a cup of distilled white vinegar with half of it in a spray bottle and the other half directly poured into the toilet bowl. Let it sit for a while (about 10-15 minutes) before using the bottle to spray the sides of the bowl. Use a toilet brush to scrub and thoroughly clean the inside of the toilet bowl. You can also use a microfiber cloth to wipe the rim clean. Flush away the solution once you’re done.

At Dashing Maids, we know exactly how to clean your home with or without the use of the all-purpose vinegar cleaner. If you’re too busy to keep up with your house cleaning and live in the Denver area, we’d be glad to help. Just give us a call!

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