Keeping common spaces such as living rooms and family rooms can be completely overwhelming.  This can especially be true because these rooms are being used by many different people who all have different standards of what “clean” really means.  Remember to follow these rules:

Everything must have its own place.  This place should be out of sight if possible.  The place where you store these things should be easily accessible and should not become overfilled.  When it is overfilled, it needs to be purged.

If your living room always feels cluttered or if your family can become chaotic very quickly after cleaning, it is a sign that you need to create better and more effective storage solutions for your things.  These storage solutions can be easily incorporated into your furniture and décor. Here are just a few ideas to help combat the clutter in your common spaces:

Shoes-invest in some simple organizational systems that will allow you to easily store shoes in matching pairs.  Thick mats, shoe racks, and cubbies are all great ideas and will allow easy access to pairs of shoes when you need to leave the house in a hurry.  

Bags and Jackets-Decorative wall hooks are a great way to store both bags and jackets.  They can also be used to organize scarves, gloves, and all outerwear that can be strewn on to the floor all too easily.

Personal Accessories and Small Devices-This is your chance to use cute bowls, decorative baskets, and pretty boxes to store small items such as sunglasses, rings, earrings, chargers, and keys.  Try using a bigger box or basket to store television remotes so they can always be put away and found.

Media-Media includes everything from magazines, newspapers, CD’s, video games, and DVDs.  Perhaps the easiest way to get rid of media clutter is to convert your home to an all-digital home.  Movies and music can be stored on your digital cloud instead of cluttered on your floor. However, many families are not quite ready to make the switch.  If your household falls into this category use a lot of shelves to store your media. Shelves can look great and also allow you to see what you need and grab it.  Try arranging your media by color, size, or alphabetical order for a bit more organization. If you can part with the, try using a disc book to store DVDs and CDs and ditch the cases.  This will take up far less space than storing all the covers.

Blankets and Throw Pillows-Blankets and throw pillows can make a room feel very comfortable and inviting.  However, if these items don’t fit in with your décor, try using a coffee table or ottoman that has built in storage.

Toys-Toys are some of the hardest things to keep tidy and picked up.  Children naturally scatter toys making it feel impossible to pick them up.  It is a good idea to circulate toys. This means only keep a few toys out at a time and when your child gets sick of them change them for another set.  This means less clutter and your child will get quality playtime with all their toys.

Things that don’t belong in the family or living rooms-Families have the tendency to leave things like socks, shoes, sweatshirts, and even dirty dishes in these common areas.  It is a good idea to have a bin or basket in these rooms for things that do not belong. Once a day, empty the bin or basket and put things in their designated place.

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