Bathing is a very relaxing experience for individuals as it helps in easing away all the stress and gives a refreshing feeling. Imagine stretching out on your bathtub and letting the soapy water work its magic on you. Bathrooms are your personal haven which gives you the experience of letting go of your tensions. It is therefore essential that your shower area and bathroom tiles get the required care and pampering so that you continue getting that gratified feeling while taking a shower.

How to Give your Tub, Shower Area and Bathroom Tiles a Clean Look?

Your shower area or your bathtub always remains wet because it is exposed to water every day. Your shower area stands the risk of developing a layer of dirt because of continuous dampness as it remains exposed to a thin film of water throughout the day. There are chances that you prefer bathing with hot water which adds to the trouble. Steam catalyzes the formation of a damp mold layer in your bathroom and aids in depositing minerals on your tiles which becomes difficult to clean.

You should ensure that you clean your tubs, tiles and shower arena minimum twice per week to keep the place neat and healthy. There are a few cleaners and solutions available in the market which helps in loosening the obstinate dirt layer. Keep a separate cleaning cloth for your shower area and ensure that you scrub the tiles, door, and your bathtub to remove the layer of dirt.

How to Clean the Grouts?

Grouts can prove to be difficult to clean as the mold can cling to its corrugated and porous structure. Nevertheless, this section will have you sorted about how to get the dirt off the grouts without much trouble.

Sometimes all you need is lukewarm water and a brush having hard bristles to get the job done. The mold tends to become loose on the application of lukewarm water.

A combination of vinegar and lukewarm water in equal proportion can work wonders if you leave it on the grout for a few minutes and then scrub it off.
A combination of baking soda and water together with a little bit of vinegar can help you in removing the obstinate dirt clinging to the grouts.

Other options include the usage of certain chemicals like oxygen bleach, chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide in case the other solutions do not work. You need to keep in mind that you use these chemicals in a little amount as excess usage can cause corrosion of the grouts.

How to Clean Your Fixtures and Faucets?

You need to keep a keen eye on every aspect of your bathroom. You might notice that the faucets in your bathroom are losing its shine or the tub fixtures are showing accumulation of dirt. You would like to have your faucets and fixtures completely stain free.

A simple solution of lukewarm water and liquid detergent soap can help in removing spots.
A combination of lukewarm water and vinegar always comes to the rescue. You can leave the solution for a few minutes on the dirt-filled area or the stain and then scrub it off.

You also need to ensure that your bathroom drainage is in prime condition. The drains in your shower area might get clogged with hair or with shampoo and body soap foam. If you are confident enough, you can clean the drains yourself with the help of a toilet jack together with a vinegar solution. You can also call the professional cleaners in your area to clean your bathrooms. Give us a call today to get your bathroom in check.

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