Bacteria, viruses, and fungi are all around you in your home, like anywhere else. Usually, these microorganisms do not always pose a serious threat to our health. Or at least, not so much that you have to eradicate them at any cost but COVID-19, coronavirus has changed our lives.

Today, many companies offer cleaning and disinfection services. Including pest control, vets, and HVAC. How to pick the best offer? Basically, it is about knowing the following essential information and making the right choice.

The basics of effective disinfection

For one thing, any exposed surface still needs the usual cleaning. In fact, all sorts of health risks can hide inside the dust in your house. Including germs and viruses. Thanks to dirt and scraps of food or organic material, harmful pathogens can thrive. So, cleaning by itself is not enough without a disinfection process.

Some environmental disinfection services provide a disinfecting fog treatment. But, for these procedures to be effective against COVID-19, specific disinfectants are needed, for example, products containing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) without peracetic acid. Otherwise, it is like spraying a bush on the leaves to clean the dirt at the bottom. Check out any certificates. They detail the perceived effectiveness of the provided services.

Breaking the Chain of Infection

Taking precautions is the next step for long-term effectiveness. Moreover, the goal is to break the chain of infection. The International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene suggest disinfecting frequently:

  • Your hands
  • Mobile devices with a touch screen
  • Kitchen, bathroom, and dining areas.

Choose household disinfection services that provide comprehensive results. At this point, disinfecting your house is like investing. As such, you do not want to invest in sanitizing a single room when the virus could harbor in the next.

Your plan for a safe and healthy home

Frequent and regular cleaning and disinfection are a must. In fact, they remain the most effective form of prevention against COVID-19. After the one-time disinfecting service, be sure to integrate a specific disinfecting routine. Create your own plan to protect your home environment and keep everyone safe. Reach out to Dashing Maids for a quote, let us help you disinfect your home. Give us a call today!

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