It doesn’t matter if you regularly clean your house and think of yourself as an expert, there’s still a good chance that you’re missing out on some of the key areas of your home that need to be cleaned. It’s great that you’re taking cleaning matters into your own hands and acting like a responsible homeowner but are you sure you’re not forsaking some important things that need to be cleaned?

You’d be surprised to know where dirt and bacteria collects most in our homes. No, it’s not the floors of your house or even your bathroom; it could be the doorknob of your front door that everyone uses every single day. There are other areas in your house apart from the doorknob that need similar attention. Here in this blog post, we’ve listed down some of the most important parts of your home that need to be cleaned but are often not.

#1: Gym Equipment at Home

Are you a fitness lover? Then you probably have gym equipment or two at your home. Kudos to you for watching over your health but this same machine could make you sick as well. After a round of intensive cardio on your gym equipment, expect sweat, hair and dead skin to accumulate on the machine. Bacteria thrive in sweaty, humid environments so your home gym equipment could actually act as a residence for many harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

Consider cleaning your gym equipment on a regular basis the same way you would the rest of your house. It’s healthy and it will keep your home more hygienic and disease-free!

#2: Bed sheets and Pillows

If you’ve been sleeping on the same bed linens for the last month, you’re not the only one. Surprisingly there are many homeowners who won’t change their sheets for months or wash their pillow cases fortnightly. This can spell trouble for your health and your skin. Our bed sheets and pillowcases are exposed to body sweat and skins cells every night and this can seep into the fabric, help bacteria to multiply and overall make your bed a dirty place to sleep in even if it looks fine on the outside.

We also recommend changing your pillows after every few months because the oils from your hair can seep through the cases and into the stuffing. Acne is a common finding when it comes to sleeping on dirty sheets and pillow cases. Also remember to clean and dust off your bed linen every night before you jump into it.

#3: Phones, Tablets and Computers

In this time and age, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. We use this smart device every day most hours of the day so it’s naturally expected to get dirty the fastest. Our hands aren’t always clean and when we touch the phones, bacteria and grease can easily be transferred to the screen. The same applies for using tablets and laptops. You might even notice skin problems and pimples if you use a dirty phone to call.

How about wiping the screen and body of your smart phone with a clean microfiber cloth every day? It’s hygienic and it will keep your health in good shape as well!

#4: Fridge and Freezer

Although you might not need to clean your fridge on a regular basis, you will still require deep cleaning it at least once or twice a year. That’s because food stains, leftovers and other cooking debris can all support the survival of bacteria. It can also affect how well your fridge functions. If you don’t clean your fridge or freezer for a long time, you might notice a decrease in its functional efficiency.

If you don’t want to fall victim to bacterial diseases and food poisoning, we highly advise that you don’t ignore cleaning your freezer and fridge.

#5: Shower Curtain

It’s no surprise that your bathroom shower curtain has made it in our list. From soapy remains to constant exposure to water splashes, this item in your house gets dirty and worn out fast. It’s important that your wash these curtains every now and then to keep them free from fungus growth and other microorganisms that thrive in wet, moist conditions.

#6: Ceiling Fans

You might be scheduling cleaning your ceiling fans only once a year before summer rolls around but you could need to clean them more regularly depending on how dusty the place you live in is. Cleaning ceiling fans isn’t as difficult as it seems and it only requires a clean cloth and a ladder if it’s not exceptionally dirty. You might also want to consider cleaning your light fixtures while you’re at it too because cobwebs and dust have a way of accumulating in them.

#7: Door knobs

Last but certainly not the least, doorknobs need your attention and we’ve already mentioned why. It’s important that you clean and wipe your doorknobs every time you clean your house which should ideally be every day.

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