We all have company in our home during the holiday season or at some major event. And whether we like it or not, there are plenty of guests that will be staying over the night at your place. There are a lot of things that make a good host but one of them could be the status of your house. Although most guests might not be upright about it but an unkempt house could be secretly grossing them out.

When you think about it like that, it seems pretty embarrassing but it’s also completely avoidable. If you haven’t deep cleaned your house in a while, maybe the fear of your guests getting grossed out will serve as a reminder and as a motivation to get your cleaning tools out. Happy cleaning!

The Checklist

House cleaning checklist involves steps that you might overlook had you not been expecting company over. From disorderly refrigerators to pet dander, here is the complete list of things you need to focus on to make your home appear spotless.

#1: Remove all the grease and food spots

Food tends to spatter when you’re cooking up a dish for your guests but instead of leaving the stain unattended, remove it as soon as you can. Look around for grease spots and food spatters on your stove top and oven door before anyone else sees them. The longer you keep the food stains ignored, the harder they become to remove so get into action quickly!

#2: Clean your fridge!

This might require some elbow grease on your part but trust us when we say this is crucial. If you’ve got guests staying over the night, expect them to peek into your fridge and freezer. You don’t have to deep clean these appliances if you don’t have the time to but simply taking care of the dirt on the door handle, removing frozen food splatters inside and the organizing the shelves can go a long way.

#3: Don’t forget the door knobs and switches

One of the dirtiest places of any home is the door knob because everybody touches it and hardly anyone cleans it. If you want to be a responsible host, consider cleaning the door knobs and light switches of your house so there’s no grease on them. A greasy knob or switch will definitely be a turn off for any guest and you’d want to avoid that.

#4: Dust away!

Haven’t dusted your house for a while? It’s high time you do! No one likes to witness a bed of dust on the table they’re seated or the house painting they’re admiring. Get your dusting tools out and dust all surfaces, house décor and practically everything that is vulnerable to getting dusty. You should also remove all cobwebs while you’re at it.

#5: Pet fur needs to go!

You might love everything about your canine but there’s a good chance that your guest won’t appreciate the pet dander and pet odor in the air. How about thoroughly washing your pet’s bed and place of rest? This will be great for both the house cleaning and your pet. Do remember to vacuum all the pet fur and hair from your carpets and sofas. Consider cleaning your pet’s litter as well, before the guests come knocking in. To make your home feel fresh and free of pet odor, make sure you deodorize your house before the guests arrive.

#6: Dirty Bathrooms are a big NO

Dirty bathrooms can be the biggest downfall to any host and although this is the last point in our checklist, it deserves the most attention. Your focus should be mostly on the guest’s bathroom and making sure that it doesn’t leak, and is spotless otherwise. Bring in your cleaning tools for the bathroom and scrub out the vanity, clean the chrome fixtures and wipe the mirror. It’s also important that you thoroughly clean the toilet bowl and remove any hard water stains on it. This is a particularly long process so don’t leave cleaning your bathroom for the last day before the guests arrive.

If you don’t have the time to clean your house because you’re too occupied with other host responsibilities, don’t worry! Dashing Maids offers amazing house cleaning services throughout the Denver metro region and we will have you covered.

Contact us today for a quick and thorough house cleaning session for a guest-friendly, hygienic home.

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