House Cleaning Services in Lakewood, CO

                         “Star was wonderful as always. She was efficient and did a great job. I love her energy :)” – Stephanie G.

Cleaning Professionals

We proudly employ a high quality and well-trained team of professional home cleaners.  Ongoing training, best practices and new cleaning methods are constantly implemented to ensure you receive only the very best in cleaning services.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

A professional cleaning service should be concerned about the environment.  We at Dashing Maids are proud to use high quality, eco-friendly, industry-leading cleaning products when working in your home; using products you can be confident in.

Flexible & Adaptive

Careers, kids activities, extracurricular activities all tug at your time.  You value it and using a professional cleaning service should not break the rhythm.  We work tirelessly to make our service flexible to your unique family and career needs.


Cleaning Services We Offer in Lakewood, CO

Perfect Maintenance Cleanings

Weekly/Every Other Week/ Every Four Weeks

Regular maintenance of your home’s surfaces and furnishings maintain the investment you initially made in them.

Our House Cleaning Technicians are trained to thoughtfully move through each room using the TBLR method (TBLR = Top to Bottom & Left to Right). This ensures nothing is overlooked and a consistent and thorough cleaning of your home is completed each visit.

Deluxe Deep Cleanings

Initial / One Time / Spring Cleaning 

All initial cleanings are considered Deluxe Deep Cleanings. This includes a thorough cleaning of all doors, baseboards, blinds, vents, furniture, floors, grout, cabinets, etc.

Our team is most successful at Perfect Maintenance Cleanings when proper time and effort is devoted to your surfaces on our initial visit.

Commercial Office Cleaning Services

We are not your typical commercial cleaning company. Our team is trained to detail clean and maintain your office space thoughtfully and thoroughly. 

Wow your clients with a space that shows you care. A clean and presentable waiting room, office, conference room, etc. can make or break a potential or current client’s experience and impression of your team. 

Why we LOVE cleaning homes in Lakewood, Colorado

Dashing Maids originated in the Northwest corner of Denver in 2013. Our home base is in the Berkeley neighborhood just north of Lakewood.

Many of our clients live in Lakewood because of the great schools, proximity to I-70 and the mountains, and the larger lot sizes compared to Denver neighborhoods just to the east. Clients with kids, dogs, and demanding work schedules delegate house chores to bring balance and ease to their busy lives.

Hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your home can save you five or more hours every week. Our team of trained, background-checked, and insured professionals have the right tools and the most efficient processes to care for your home from top to bottom.

As a professional House Cleaning company serving Lakewood, CO we understand that most residents have pets and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. Coloradans work hard. Spending your weekend washing the baseboards or vacuuming the dog hair off of the couch for the 2nd time this week is the last thing on your priority list. You want to be outside!

We feel the same and love how what we do makes your life easier. Having a clean home has been scientifically proven to reduce sick days and improve mental burden. Often times the burden of caring for the home feels arduous.

You start cleaning the kitchen with the intention of finishing in less than an hour, but an hour goes by and you’ve successfully re-arranged your Tupperware drawer. 😅 We’ve all been there.

Hiring trained cleaning professionals to clean your home makes more sense than attempting to tackle it yourself. We will clean your home with efficient processes and amazingly clean products. You AND your home will feel amazing!

How can hiring a Professional House Cleaning Company help me?

Did you search for House Cleaning Services Near Me in Lakewood, CO? There’s absolutely no shame in admitting you need help to clean around your house because of your busy work and family schedule. We completely understand how draining a day in the office can be. When you’re working around the clock, and caring for your family, the last thing you want to worry about is dusting and vacuuming the house.

Leave it up to the qualified Lakewood home cleaning professionals at Dashing Maids!

We’ll make sure your house is spotless with our modern and effective cleaning plan that is curated to your individual requirements. Whether it’s a regular cleaning service you require or a special occasion cleaning once in a while, our team of professional cleaners has got you covered!

How often should I have my home cleaned?

Many Lakewood homeowners require regular cleaning services because of their busy lives and schedules. If you’re one of them, we can help you. Our Lakewood house cleaning customers usually prefer getting their home cleaned weekly or every other week. This ensures that your house is always clean and free from allergens, pollutants, bacteria and other threatening agents to your health.

Weekly cleaning visits are the most popular option especially for homes that have large families, toddlers, pets, or individuals who have a busy schedule most days of the week.

Another popular cleaning plan is getting professional services done every other week. Monthly services are also pretty common and they help keep your house in shape with a thorough deep cleaning session.

This might sound surprising but regular house cleaning services actually cost a lot less than getting your house cleaned only on special occasions. That’s because when you hire a professional company like Dashing Maids, you’ll get an entire cleaning plan for regular residential cleaning. Plus, when you work with us on a regular basis, we’ll understand what your house cleaning requirements are and the ultimate cost and time spent in regular cleaning services will reduce.

House Cleaning Services in Lakewood on Special Occasions

Some Lakewood homeowners choose to ask the help of a professional home cleaning company near them only when an event or special occasion is coming up. This could be a house party, a family reunion or a holiday when they’re expecting a lot of people in the house. Alternatively, many of our customers will also hire us to clean up the house after an event or occasion.

When you’re expecting company in your house, you need to make sure that your house is in top shape. Dashing Maids is in a strong position to help you do just that. We’ll work out a schedule with you and make sure your house is prepped up before your special celebration happens. For cleanings scheduled as needed or more than 8 weeks apart are always considered Deep Deluxe Cleanings. This ensures our team has ample time to clean your home thoroughly leaving nothing behind!

Pick the Cleaning Plan that Fits Your Needs – House Cleaning Services in Lakewood

At Dashing Maids, we’ll offer you a lot of flexibility in our professional residential cleaning plans. Although weekly cleaning is by far the best option both in quality and cost, it’s important that you understand the plan you need. We’ll accommodate your cleaning requirements in our plan and make sure that whatever schedule you choose, it’s done with perfection.

Dashing Maids provides unparalleled cleaning services to every client. If you have a busy lifestyle, relax and leave the house cleaning to us!

Call us now at (720) 924-6513 to talk to us today!

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