Every pet owner has dealt with the problem of removing pet hair at some point of their life. In fact, it’s a constant battle against pet hair that pet owners have to deal with. While your furry animal might be the perfect partner to cuddle up with on your brand new microfiber couch, the hair that gets stuck in the fiber isn’t all fun and games. Many dog owners will result to drastic measures to remove the hair but we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to go into a cleaning frenzy to get your microfiber couch neat and clean again.

Here are some tried and tested hacks from Dashing Maids for all of those dog owners who need to know exactly how to remove dog hair from a microfiber couch without inviting a headache.

Make use of Rubber Tools

Microfiber couches are slightly different than your regular couches. The delicate fibers elevate the appearance and aesthetic of the couch but at the same time they make removing dirt (or in this case pet hair) a complex feat. One easy way to get all the pet hair out without ruining the fabric is by making use of a rubber brush. Ideally you should one with short bristles. You can also use a pair of rubber gloves instead.

The rubber makes catching hair and clumping them together easier so that they become a breeze to remove altogether.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum industry has accelerated rapidly and now we have handheld cordless models that are advertised to work wonders against pet hair removal. Do your research and find a vacuum cleaner that is known to remove pet hair easily. A vacuum cleaner with a thin hose can also be helpful since you can use it to suck up pet hair from tight spots and crevices.

Stay Classic – Use a Lint Roller

Lint rollers have been employed time and again to remove pet hair and for good reason. A good quality lint brush can pick up dog hair with ease and all you need to do is slide it across the surface of the couch. This is also a quick way to get the pet hair out fast.

It’s important that you groom your pet well to avoid unnecessary pet hair around the house. Fix the problem at its root and brush your pet regularly. You should also give them frequent baths to remove the excess hair.

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