For the vast majority of homeowners, overwhelming comes from the fact that we see cleaning as a hugely time-consuming task that applies to our entire home, rather than to a particular cleaning of a room. If you think of house cleaning as a marathon task, one thing is for sure – you will feel stressed.

Instead of marathon cleaning, try a sprint-like approach:

  • Determine 20 minutes for cleaning
  • The rest period of 10 minutes
  • Repeat

You can adjust the time to your needs, mood, or even your motivation. For a start, it is good to clean for 5 minutes and take a break for 30 minutes, because this idea is based on the fact that your brain needs to associate cleaning as something short. 

Deciding Where to Start

The burden you feel when you need to clean the house does not come because of the sheer amount of work but because of the question of where to begin. What you need to know is that wherever you start, you can’t go wrong, no matter how small a step is, it means progress and additional motivation to keep up with cleaning.

If you still don’t know where to start, here are some good ideas to get started:

The floor- You can simply start by vacuuming your living room rugs or sweeping up the dirty floor.

The kitchen sink- Wash your dishes and scrub your sink. A tidy sink will give you a real sense of success to continue your cleaning.

The wallet- Get rid of all old paper, cards, receipts, and anything else that makes a mess in your wallet.

Figure Out What’s Most Important to You

Make a list of specific tasks that make you happy when you complete them. This list does not have to contain all the household chores, but only the most important ones to you.

Make Cleaning More Fun

Create your cleaning playlist. Music can help you lift your spirit and make cleaning more interesting. Let this list be made up of your favorite songs.

Why Should You Hire a Professional House Cleaning Service

If you are burdened with constant cleaning, it may be your best choice to contact a professional cleaning company that aligns with your schedule so that you can do other things that you need to do rather than cleaning. Contact us for a quote!

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