If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re a dog person and you’ve experienced the problem of dirty paws in your home before. When your friendly canine goes out to play in the lawn you might welcome it back with muddy paws and dirt that leaves marks all across the floors of your house. This is pretty unhygienic and a tedious process to clean up. That’s why it’s a good idea to nib the problem in its bud.

We’ve got some incredibly useful tips for you if you’re a dog-owner and want your home to always be a spotless and clean haven. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog you own, these tips will apply to every dog owner but it will require some dedicated effort on your part.

Clean up the source of the problem

If your dog arrives with muddy paws and tracking dirt inside your home, you might want to pay attention to where that mud and dirt is coming from. Chances are that your lawn needs care and some dirt removal first. Keeping your lawn in good shape is one of the key steps to making sure your dog doesn’t barrage in your home with dirt trailing behind it.

We suggest taking care of the dirt patches in your lawn, replacing them with grass and the filling all the crevices in the ground that are likely to pool with muddy water. Consider mulching the bare areas of your lawn where grass is unlikely to grow. You may also benefit from redecorating your garden and bringing in rocks and stones to reduce the direct contact of dirt and mud with your dog.

Wipe and Wash the Paws Before they Step in

Even if you take good care of your lawn, you might still have dirt trailing and tracking behind your canine. An even better idea is to set up a paw cleaning station right outside or right inside your house before your dog can waddle in. There are plenty of paw cleaning options available from simple mats where you can manually tend to the paws of your pup to washing the paws with an old towel and water. Don’t forget to dry the paws before you let your pets enter your house.

Train your dog!

This might come as a surprise but you can actually train your canine good manners so that they don’t come in your home with dirty paws. Dogs are trainable with some effort and you can teach them not to enter your home without cleaning the dirt off their paws first.

Consider training your dog to wait at the paw cleaning station outside your door every time they want to enter. You can also teach your canines to use this paw cleaning mat themselves but this will require some training effort on your part. We suggest watching dog training videos online for this one.

Groom your pet

If you’ve got a dog breed that boasts long silky hair you’re going to face the problem of not only muddy tracks but also twigs and grass stuck in or on the hair of your canine. Consider regularly grooming your dog with a brush. It’s also a good idea to trim the fur of your dog if it becomes unmanageable. Regular baths for your dogs will also help making sure your pet is always clean, prim and proper.

Cordon off some areas in your home

We all want our best canine friend to be with us wherever we are in our home but sometimes you might need to set some barriers for your pet – at least until the paws are completely cleaned and checked. Consider setting up a buffer zone with baby gates in your kitchen or living room that will keep your dogs from entering the room. By controlling the exit and entry of your dog inside your home at all times, you can make sure your canine buddy doesn’t track dirt.

There are plenty of other things that a homeowner has to deal with when it comes to cleaning a house where a pet lives. From removing stubborn pet odor to getting rid of pet hair, the list goes on. If you’re having trouble with your domestic cleaning, considering contacting Dashing Maids and we’ll make sure your house is spotless and clean in no time.

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