Cleaning is an essential aspect to our houses. When it comes to cleaning homes, most of us are usually concerned with some obvious things like the last time we cleaned our bathroom and whether we did a comprehensive scrubbing and cleaning or whether we had enough time to clean our fridge before our favorite TV shows commenced. Very few people take their time to think about some of the safety measures that need to be observed when cleaning our homes. Safety measures are an essential topic that needs to be observed when doing routine house cleaning.

It is quite obvious that some cleaners should not be put together or mixed, and you have to unplug your garbage before you start cleaning is essential. In most cases, some safety practices never come to our mind.

You need to be two to do some jobs

Although most of the cleaning tasks can be done by one person, some cleaning practices require investment or at least two people. They include;
Moving heavy furniture: we have some large and heavy furniture in our homes that are too heavy for one person to move them when cleaning. You should request for assistance so as to avoid some accidents that might occur in the proved like even breaking the furniture while trying to pull them over the surface or moving a fridge so as to scrub behind it. Your health is very important; you should give it top priority when cleaning.
Moving high places: this is another area that requires a helping hand. Ensure someone is there to hold the ladder when you are wiping lighting fixture, ceiling, bringing down drapes, or wiping tops of four cabinets.

Safeguard your eyes

Your eyes are another area that needs some care when you are cleaning. During the cleaning process, dust, suspended particles, and debris floats and fly in the air. These items are very dangerous to your eyes; it is therefore very important to wear eye gear when you are cleaning your home. Keep spray bottles away from your are also important to confirm the nozzles are pointing in the right direction before you use a cleaning agent.

Known your surrounding well

Being aware of your surroundings is an important safety measure when you are cleaning. A lot is accidents or mishaps happen when one is too concentrated in wherever he or she is doing without watching what is around them. When you are cleaning, it is important to be orderly and be cognizant of your environment and what is in immediately after you. For example, one has to be keen on the codes when vacuuming so as to avoid tripping on them.

When you are cleaning your stairways, it is important to start from the top downwards. Always stand on your side so as to reduce the risk of falling. Keep a watch on slippery floors.

Organize your cleaning gear

When cleaning, keep all your gears in one place so as to watch your surroundings better. Assembling all your gears in one place leads to efficient cleaning and minimizes the chances of an accident.

Remember cleaners are chemicals

A lot of cleaning agents are very dangerous; they are made from toxic chemicals that can harm you when inhaled or burn your skin when they come in contact. Ensure there’s proper ventilation by opening windows and turning on fans.

If you find it difficult to keep with these safety measures, call a Dashing Maids for a quotation. Call us today!

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