Have you ever woke up in the morning with makeup from the last night smeared all over your nice sheets? Or maybe you had someone visiting you and then after they are gone you discover they have left behind traces of their face on your pillowcase?  No matter how the mess was created, there is one fact that remains the same: You have to find a way to remove the makeup stains from your sheets.

Keep reading for some useful tips that will help you return your bedding to its natural condition.

Note: Before you attempt to clean your pillowcases or sheets you can use any of the methods that follow, but first check the instructions printed on the care tag. Another good idea is to do a spot test on an inconspicuous small patch to ensure that your cleaning solution will not beach or stain the fabric. Also, allow spot tested areas to completely dry before proceeding any further.

How To Get Mascara out of Pillowcases

There are many mascaras are smudge proof and waterproof, but even the highest quality brands are likely to leave traces when you are wearing multiple coats and fall asleep. Fortunately, it is not that had to learn how to remove mascara from sheets.

You will need:

Microfiber cloth

2 cups of water

A couple of drops of grease-fighting, gentle dish soap

Spoon or butter knife

Use the butter knife or spoon to gently scrape the mascara from your bedding.

Do not be rough on the fabric, since you may damage it.

Mix water and dishwashing liquid.

Add cleaning solution to dampen your microfiber cloth.

Blot the stain lightly until it lifts off, and then re-wet your cloth as necessary. Do not scrub too harshly.

Rinse the area that is stained in the sink to get rid of any remaining soapy residue.

Wash your bedding as normally, but let it air dry. Dryer heat could cause the stains to set in even further.

Repeat the steps until you have completely removed the stain.

How to Remove Foundation from Your Sheets

Although foundation can prove your skin with a smooth appearance, it also can make your sheets appear rough following a night full of tossing and turning. So you are ready to learn a fun trick for getting makeup out of your bedding?

You will need:

Microfiber cloths


Shaving cream

Spoon or butter knife

Remove any foundation clumps delicately with the side of your knife of spoon.

Spray shaving cream onto the stained area and then allow it to sit for 3-5 minutes.

Dampen your microfiber cloth and then use it to dab the stain gently. Work your way from the outside to the inside, and then switch over to a clean cloth (or a clean part of a cloth) as frequently as necessary.

Use cold water to rinse the spot.

If there is still signs of any foundation, repeat the above steps.

Wash your sheets normally, but don’t use the dryer so that the stain does not set in.

Repeat these stains until it has lifted.

How to Remove Lipstick from Sheets

Lipstick is frequently oiler compared to other kinds of makeup, and that means you will need to to use something on it that will cut through a stain. Or you could simply use dishwashing liquid. Follow the same steps that we gave you for getting rid of mascara from sheets and pillowcases.

Just in case, we will provide you with an alternative solution.

You will need:

Cotton balls

Isopropyl rubbing alcohol or witch hazel

Spoon or butter knife  

Scrape as much of the lipstick as possible lightly from the sheet, making sure you don’t damage the fibers.

Take a cotton ball and soak it with isopropyl rubbing alcohol or witch hazel.

Dab the stain in order to lift it.

Freshen the cotton balls and then repeat the process as necessary. Depending on how your stain is, the method may take some time.

Wash your linens as necessary. Don’t dry them in the dryer since that can set the stain even deeper.

Repeat the process as necessary.

Although Dashing Maids does not typically handle laundry duty, we do provide bedroom cleaning services. We will, in fact, clean your whole house, whether you need help due to having such a busy schedule or you are preparing for a special occasion, so feel free to contact us or call us if you need help!

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