The window of your oven door can get pretty grimy overtime and sometimes even the self-cleaning cycle of your appliance doesn’t help. A crystal clean oven window is essential to enhance the overall look of your kitchen. Plus, if your oven window is dirty chances are that the inside isn’t any better either. This could potentially compromise the function of your appliance and force you to call for repairs. To avoid this untoward consequence, we’ve got a bunch of pretty helpful oven window cleaning hacks. With these simple tips, you can ensure that your glass oven door is clean both from the inside and from the outside.

Cleaning the Oven Window from the Outside

Naturally, cleaning the window from the outside is one of the easiest steps in cleaning the oven door. That’s because you have all the access and liberty to clean the window compared to cleaning the inside where you’ll need to prod around all the corners to make sure your glass oven door is thoroughly cleaned.

To clean the glass oven window from the outside, you’ll need:

  •        Glass cleaning agent. This could be simple lemon juice or white vinegar.
  •        A few microfiber cloths or a soft towel

Begin cleaning with spraying your natural glass cleaning solution on to the oven door from the outside. Then, work your way across the window in downward swipes or strokes with the microfiber cloth. This will take off all the grime and dirt off your window. You might need to do this a few times before you can get a pristine glass window from the outside.

Cleaning the Oven Window from the Inside

Contrary to cleaning the glass over door from the outside, inside cleaning is trickier and will require more attention to detail. You will also need to use different cleaning products this time namely baking soda instead of vinegar or lemon.

Produce a paste of baking soda by adding a small part of it in water. The paste should ideally be thick enough to coat the metal inside. It should be of a consistency comparable to a shaving cream. Before applying the paste on the inside of your oven, wipe off all the superficial grime and dirt with a clean microfiber cloth. Then, spread the baking soda paste evenly on the window and let it be for around half an hour. Once the waiting period has passed, use a damp microfiber cloth to clean the paste. You might want to use a cutting-edge razor to completely wipe away the paste residues so that you don’t scratch the window by manual removal with your nails.

Cleaning the Center of Your Glass Oven Window

You might think that after cleaning the glass oven door from the inside and the outside, you’ll get a completely brand new oven look. Not really. You might need to go one step further and clean the middle of the glass where grime can find its way in. You will also need tools for this one including:

  •        The oven’s manufacturer’s manual booklet
  •        Screw driver
  •        Clean plain sheet or towel
  •        Baking soda and water paste
  •        Microfiber cloth

Additionally, you might want to ask someone to help you in this for this step of cleaning the oven window isn’t a solo job.

Begin with opening the door of your oven using a screwdriver. Make sure you don’t misplace these screws! Place a towel underneath the oven to catch all the dust and dirt so that your floor doesn’t get ruined. You might also want to run through the manual of the oven before you open the oven up. Once the screws have been taken out, take out the door and clean the innermost glass by following the same steps as you would for cleaning the oven window from the inside.

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