Paper towels are a staple household item and their uses are numerous. Cheap to buy and easy to use, these paper towels can be lifesaving at times. However, the problem with this cleaning tool is that it’s not disposable. If you were considering shifting to healthier and environment-friendly lifestyle, you’ll need to cross paper towels off your list. This might be a difficult thing to do especially since the average homeowner uses paper towels for just about everything on the daily. However, there are other greener alternatives available that can completely substitute for your need of using paper towels.

Although paper towels are diverse in function, they pollute our air when they are incinerated. With more and more homeowners becoming aware of the importance of keeping our environment protected, we urge that you adopt to these changes as well. Here in this short blog post, we’re listing down all the green alternatives to paper towels for your everyday household cleaning chores.

Consider using Microfiber Cloths

There was a time when this special cloth material was only used to clean electronic screens and spectacles but the use of microfiber cloths in our household cleaning is more than just that. These cloths not only soak up quickly but they are quick to dry as well. The best part about these microfiber cloths is the structure of the fibers. Every small finger like projection of a microfiber cloth is ideal to pick dust and particles and bacteria in the tiniest of places. Microfiber cloths are definitely a greener option because they last for a pretty long time and you can use them over and over again after washing them – something you can’t do with paper towel. In the long run, these microfiber cloths are actually more cost-effective than paper towels.

How about Bamboo Towels Instead?

If you’re not a fan of microfiber cloths, have you thought about shifting to bamboo towels instead? It’s completely understandable if you haven’t heard about this type of cleaning cloth before. After all, it is one of the newer additions in the market. Bamboo towels are easily available both online and in your local store. They look more or less like a typical paper towel but what’s great about it is that it’s much greener. Bamboo towels are durable and sustainable. Like microfiber cloths, you can wash these towels and use them over and over again. The initial cost might be high but it’s definitely cheaper long-term.

Some Helpful Hacks to Use These Alternatives Properly

Now that we’ve talked about the greener alternatives to paper towels, let’s address some of the tips on how to make the most out of these alternatives. Here are some life hacks for you to make your cleaning much more organized and effective with green paper towel substitutes.

·        Color Code Your Microfiber Cloth: When you’re shifting to microfiber cloths for your domestic cleaning chores, you’ll need to have more than just one cloth to clean the whole house. It’s also important that you use separate microfiber cloths for different cleaning chores. For example, you don’t want to wipe the kitchen counter with the microfiber cloth you used for wiping the rim of the toilet seat. Consider designating colors of the cloths for each chore. Luckily microfiber cloths come in a huge variety of colors so it’s easy to find all shades for each separate cleaning activity.

·        Don’t Skip the Washing: It’s great that you’ve shifted to greener options but it’s important that you wash these cloths and bamboo towels as well. You don’t want to reuse a dirty microfiber cloth or a bamboo towel which could be a home to many microorganisms.

·        Be Wary of the Care Instructions: If you want to make the most out of your paper towel alternatives, it’s important that you know exactly how to clean them to keep them lasting long for a long time. This will make you save big and be healthier for the environment as well.

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