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Green Housekeeping Services

We offer premier house and home cleaning services in Denver and surrounding areas.

Green House Cleaning

Environmentally conscious cleaning services for your home!

When Ashley first started Dashing Maids, using natural cleaning products was an absolute must. Cleaning multiple homes a day with toxic products emitting harsh fumes was not the answer. 

She soon learned that most of her clients agreed. Green house cleaning is the way!

Natural cleaning IS still effective cleaning.  We utilize Envirox H2 Orange for our All-Purpose cleaner and floor cleaner. It is Hydrogen Peroxide based and a safe solution for all surfaces in your home.  From sanitizing your light switches to cleaning mirrors streak free this product does it all! 

Our degreaser is Citrasolv and is mostly used on the grease build up in the kitchen area around the stove. It also is a great product to remove heavy build-up in your showers and tubs. 

Our Powdered Cleanser is Bon Ami. A safe and effective cleaning agent that works wonders on toilets, tubs, and sinks.

We love our products and are constantly looking for ways to provide a deeper clean that protects our planet, team, and clients.


ADD ON’S: Interior Windows + Interior Fridge + Interior Oven

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 What We Don’t Do

Service Clients Who Are Disrespectful To Our Cleaning Specialists – Clean Up Pet Accidents or Any Other Bio-hazardous Substances – Lift and Move Heavy Furniture Requiring 2 or More People – Climb Ladders Above 2 ft.

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