Our Cleaning Service FAQ in Denver, CO

Answers to the many Home Cleaning Service Inquiries We Get Weekly

1. Are you insured and bonded?

Yes, rest assured if an accident occurs in your home there will be no need for worry on your end! Our elite Denver house cleaners move with stealth and service with pride!

2. Is it okay if my pets are home for the cleaning?

Absolutely, we love having all your family members around to keep us company! If they tend to get nervous or protective around intruders though we ask that you take care of them accordingly.

3. Do I need to be home for the cleaning?

Whatever works best for you! If you have other things you would like to be doing we are happy to arrange a spare key or entry code for access to your home. Your home’s security and privacy are of utmost importance to us!

4. Will the same maids be cleaning my home each visit?

We do our best to send the same maids for every cleaning. From time to time, we may need to send proxy maids to allow every team member deserved time off.

5. How will you clean the inside of my oven?

We ask that you use your self-cleaning mode to clean the inside of your ovens. Internal oven cleaners require harsh chemicals and we strive to offer the greenest cleaning efforts available as well as safe working conditions for our maids.

6. What if I forget to leave a key and the maids can not gain access to my home?

If the maids arrive and are unable to gain access into your home we charge a fee of $45 to cover the maids’ time and travel fees. We do offer email, call and text reminders of your scheduled cleanings to help avoid these occurrences.

7. When are you available to clean my home? Do you clean on major holidays?

We are available to clean from 8 am-5 pm Monday through Friday. For a small fee, we are able to make exceptions for weekends and evenings if maids are available. We are closed on all major holidays so our maids can enjoy time with their families and the great outdoors of beautiful Colorado!

8. How can I pay for your services?

Securely store a credit card on file and charge it the day of your scheduled cleanings.

9. Should I tip the maids?

We would hope so! Dashing Maids work hard to keep your home (toilets included) clean. If you feel they have done an outstanding job and want to show them a little appreciation, then please tip away! It will be much appreciated!

10. What if I am staying home sick during my scheduled cleaning?

If you are sick we please ask that you reschedule your cleaning for the health of our maids. We would not want to be a bother while you are getting your much-needed rest as well.

11. Will you change the sheets on my bed?

Absolutely! Just remember to leave out the fresh ones for us to easily find.

12. Can I leave dishes in the sink for you to clean?

One sink full of dirty dishes is included in our cleanings to be washed by hand or loaded into the dishwasher. We charge $7 for every sink full thereafter. 

13. How much will my service cost?

You are welcome to fill out our Free Quote form on this website to get a general idea or call to schedule a more accurate free in-home consultation. We are friendly and quick, we promise!

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