Cleaning a bathroom is one of the most dreaded chores.  To make this job a little lighter, spend a few minutes each day doing some very light cleaning.  You will be surprised at how much easier bathroom cleaning becomes.

In order to clean efficiently, keep the cleaning supplies at hands reach.  Make sure to have toilet-bowl cleaner, countertop cleaner, glass cleaner, shower spray, squeegee, and drying cloths all somewhere you can easily access.  Then, follow these tips:

1. Always turn on a fan or leave a window open when bathing or showering.  By preventing humidity buildup, you will also be preventing the growth of mold and mildew.  It is a good idea to keep the fan running while you are getting ready for the day to make sure all water in the air has evaporated.  

2. After you shower, spray, rinse, and then squeegee the shower walls.  Use a mild solution that has been formulated for a shower or bath. This should only take an extra 1 to 2 minutes after your bath.  This will prevent soap scum from accumulating. It will also mean you will have to use less harsh substances on deep cleaning days. Also, after every shower remove any hair at the drain.  This will make your drain less vulnerable to clogging.

3. Swish some cleaner in your toilet bowl daily.  When you are finished getting ready for the day squirt a bit of toilet bowl cleaner inside of the bowl and give it a quick scrub.  Let it sit for a few minutes to make sure it gets rid of any bacteria. Flush as you head out.

4. Put away all daily toiletries out of sight every sing day.  This includes toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, razors, make up, and anything else you use.  This might require you to free up some space in your bathroom vanity or closet. If you do not have much storage, feel free to get creative.  

5. Spray a cleaner on countertops and do a quick scrub after you have finished putting away your toiletries.  It Is never fun to try to scrape off old toothpaste or shaving cream when it has been sitting a while. Get rid of all overspray immediately and the job will be much easier.  Use a drying cloth to get rid of all moisture. This will prevent mold or mildew from growing in small gaps or crevices.

6. Empty your trashcan daily.  Most bathroom garbage cans are very small and will overflow easily.  This overflow is not only unsightly but also a breeding ground for odor and bacteria.  Make it a goal to try to empty your bathroom trash can at least 3-4 times a week.

7. Did you know mold and mildew’s number one enemy is sunlight?  Use sunlight to your advantage by opening your windows and blinds every day.  This daylight not only kills germs but also is great for your mental health.

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