Our Home Cleaning Plan Cleaning companies are a blessing when you’re working around the clock and have absolutely no time to give to maintaining and deep cleaning your house. After a long day at work there’s nothing more stressful than worrying about the carpets that need to be vacuumed and the toilet that needs to sanitized.

If you can relate, we recommend hiring reputable professional Denver home cleaning companies like Dashing Maids to take care of your entire house cleaning needs.  We follow a systematic and strategic process after having invested our time cleaning 100’s of homes in and around the Denver area.  We are confident that the process we implement will get you home super clean and you will be blown away by our results!

The Denver Home Cleaning Service Process

We proceed with our cleaning services in a systematic way and plan out how each room of your house will be cleaned. The rooms that we cover in our cleaning service include:

  •        Bathrooms: You bathroom is one of the most frequently used room in the house and one that can get pretty dirty as well if not looked after properly. Our team of professional cleaners ensures all dust and cobwebs are removed, the vanity and countertops and wiped, and the bathroom tiles and floors are properly mopped and cleaned. We also make sure that your toilet is cleaned thoroughly as is your shower area.
  •        Bedrooms: In your bedroom, we begin with dusting the entire room which includes areas that are often missed or neglected such as the window sills, furniture, wall hangings etc. We can also change your bed sheets and if your floor is carpeted, vacuuming is an important part of the plan.
  •        Kitchen: Without a doubt, kitchens are the most prone to getting dirty with all the leftovers that need to be managed, oil smears, and even uninvited pests like flies. We begin by wiping and cleaning the counter tops of your kitchen as well and as any and all appliances that you have. The stove, oven, pans and other utensils are also cleaned in our plan. In the end, we make sure the floors of your kitchen are properly mopped.
  •        Drawing and Dining rooms: As with other rooms, we start off with dusting the entirety of the room including table tops, frames, lights and more. We also mop tile floors and vacuum the carpets.
  •        Lounge/Living room: We dust all of the items in your living room including your furniture, chairs and even the television. Special care is taken to dust and clean the electronic devices. We also mop tiled floors and if the room is carpeted, we’ll vacuum it.
  •        Laundry room: Our team of Denver home cleaners will make sure the floors of your laundry room are properly mopped and cleaned. We will also dust and wipe the laundry machine and dryer itself.

Dashing Maids is a reliable team of professionals amongst home cleaning companies in Denver trusted by hundreds.

If you want a comprehensive and effective cleaning service done for your home, feel free to contact us at (720) 924-6513.


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