Generally, a lot of individuals clean their big kitchen devices such as the fridge, the oven or the freezer consistently. Individuals generally know how to get those kinds of home appliances squeaky clean. The same usually cannot be said about some of the smaller sized devices that we use often, however are a bit more challenging to clean. If you’re interested in learning even more about how to effectively clean up those little devices, you have actually come to the best place!

1. The toaster oven

In order to properly clean this appliance, you first must make certain that the toaster is unplugged to protect against any accidents from happening. Once this is done, you need to get rid of the crumbs or other little bits that might have gotten stuck in the electric electrical wiring inside the toaster oven.

If this is the instance, you should get rid of the tray as well and clean it correctly. Gently shake the toaster oven over your sink till you have gotten rid of all the crumbs inside the toaster.

Lastly, it’s time to clean the outside of the toaster. To do this, you should to make a solution based on some water mixed with some soap. Apply this to your toaster oven completely and you will be done!

2. The coffee machine

Next, there’s the coffee maker. To cleanse this device, you should start with disassembling your coffee machine and fill it with water and some vinegar. If you see that there has actually been a substantial mineral build-up in your storage tank, it’s best to use a good cleanser and run water over it. You need to repeat this process a couple of times. Remove the water-vinegar mix, fill up the container once more and also keep running the water until you have completely cleaned it. You want to check which parts of your coffee maker can and cannot be removed. The parts that you can remove need to be placed in your sink in a solution of hot water and dish soap. Allow the components soak in this solution until they are no longer dirty.

You should fill up the storage tank in your coffee maker with regular cold water and let it run a few times until you feel like there isn’t any vinegar left in your coffee maker and then, you’ll be done!

3. The mixer

Another appliance that requires to be cleaned frequently and thoroughly, is the standing mixer. Wipe your standing mixer clean every time you actually use it.

If your standing mixer is caked with food stains that have become hard, use a rag that has been saturated somewhat in some warm water to loosen up those food stains a bit. The enamel of your standing mixer is fragile so don’t use rough scrubbing pads. Instead, attempt to use a toothpick or wooden skewers for areas difficult to get clean.

4. The blender and the food processor

When it concerns these two types of small household home appliances, it is essential that you first get rid of any kind of parts that are removable. After that, you can place these particles in the dishwasher to get them clean, but you could likewise try cleaning them with a blend of warm water and some soap. If you choose to go with the dishwasher, you are first required to make sure that your appliances are dishwasher-proof to prevent them from getting damaged.

To clean up the base of these home appliances, take a dishrag and let it soak for a long time in a mixture of hot water and a little soap. Take that soaked dishrag and use it to delicately clean up the base of the home appliances.

Finally, if you find that some areas of your devices are caked with dried-up food scraps, you can use a (brand-new) toothbrush to clean up those places.

5. The mobile fan

Last up, it’s time to cleanse your portable fan! As a whole, a portable fan is extremely easy to take apart so you will not have any extremely difficulty. You will find that your fan has many blades and grills and in order to clean those, you may want to use your bathtub. Fill your bathtub with a blend of warm water and soap and allow the grills and blades to soak. Make sure that you get rid of any kind of large dust bunnies or you risk getting the drainpipe of your tub clogged as well.

If you still do not understand just how to clean these small appliances appropriately or you simply can’t bother, contact our team at Dashing Maids. We are awaiting your call

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