There’s a lot of talk about pressure cookers or eve Instapots in the cooking industry and for a pretty good reason. They are multi-functional and can do a variety of cooking techniques in one single pot. From steaming your rice to cooking meat – the multi-purpose pressure cookers can do just about everything and use up less of your working space. The problem is, these magical pots need to be cleaned and you’ll need to know exactly how to do it properly if you want your pressure cooker to last for a long time.

Here are some cleaning hacks we’ve got just for you to make your multi-functional pressure cooker look brand new in no time. Do take note that cleaning these pots will require white vinegar that could damage your countertop. You’d want to wash the electric cooker in some other room or outside to avoid damage to your kitchen counters.

Steps to Clean the Pressure Cooker

If you’ve got a large dishwasher that can accommodate your pressure cookers, there’s no harm in cleaning it in it. However, do check the instruction manual first if that is permitted. If not, then you’ll need to clean the electrical pressure cooker by hand. Here’s how:

To clean a pressure cooker, you’ll need simple dishwashing liquid, a toothbrush, white vinegar and a few microfiber cloths and sponge. Fill up a spray bottle with vinegar to make applying this cleaning agent easy. It’s also imperative that you unplug the appliance from its socket before you begin cleaning – for obvious reasons!

Begin with superficially removing all the food particles with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Use an old toothbrush to scrape off the dried remnants of the food particles especially those stuck in the crevices and tight spots of the pressure cooker.

Then, squirt some white vinegar on to a microfiber cloth to dampen this. Use this damp microfiber cloth to rub the inside of the pressure cooker. Finish off by using a dry cloth for buffing.

Finally use dishwashing liquid and warm water to wash the pot free from the vinegar. You could repeat the steps again to get a pristine end result.

How to Deep Clean your Pressure Cooker?

Deep cleaning a multi-purpose pressure cooker is slightly different than the basic cleaning we stated above. It’s more thorough and you might not require it as frequently as you would the everyday cleaning. You’ll need to deep clean the electric pressure cooker depending upon how much you use the cooker. You should also consider deep cleaning your electrical pressure cooker if you use it to make pungent smelling or sticky food.

For deep cleaning, you will require dishwashing liquids, microfiber cloths and vinegar as you would in routine cleaning. Additionally, you will need a shallow pan for it.

Start off by filling the sink of your kitchen with warm water. In the water, add in some drops of dishwashing liquid. Keep adding till the water looks soapy. Take off the float valve because you will need to wash the cooker manually.

Using a clean microfiber cloth, wipe off the liquid before changing the float valve. This is important because you need the float valve to move freely after you’ve replaced it. Next, take off the anti-block shield that can be found on the underside of the pressure cooker making sure that the steam valve is in its place. Clean the steam valve with a simple microfiber cloth and the anti-block shield the same way before replacing it.

Next, remove the sealing ring on your pressure cooker. See if the ring isn’t rusted or broken. If it is, you might want to consider a new one for it.

In a shallow pan, pour in white vinegar to a level at which the sealing ring of the electric pressure cooker can be submerged. Let it remained submerged for around ten minutes before removing it and drying it off.

To remove the smell of vinegar, consider washing the electrical pressure cooker one last time in warm water with dishwashing soap.

Cleaning your multi-use pressure cooker may sound complex on paper but it really isn’t. With these simple cleaning hacks, you can get your pressure cooker spotless in no time! 

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