Spring is upon us and if you are like any other homeowner, you are ready to open your windows and slide open the sliding doors to get rid of the stuffiness that typifies winter. When you start airing your house, you might notice that you’re your windows tracks are dirty and grimy whilst your house stayed shut. It is, therefore, time to clean them.

Herein we have two tips for cleaning your window tracks in an effort to ensure you can air your house and let in fresh air without struggling to open the doors.

Cleaning Your Window Tracks With Baking Soda And Vinegar

If you are adamant on keeping your house clean, you will appreciate the power of vinegar and baking soda as natural cleaning agents. In the same light, these two household items can effectively clean and remove grime off your window tracks.

Items you will need:

A spray bottle

Baking soda

Distilled white vinegar

An old toothbrush

A vacuum that has a crevice tool

Microfiber cloths

Step #1. Set the nozzle on your spray bottle to mist and add a cup of vinegar into it.

Step #2. Using your vacuum, dislodge and remove as much debris as possible.

Step #3. Lightly sprinkle baking soda along the window tracks. You should be careful not to add a lot of baking soda as it will fizz violently when vinegar is sprayed. This will make it a tad harder to clean up the mess.

Step #4. Spray the vinegar on baking soda until is damp. It will lightly fizz.

Step #5. Using an old toothbrush, loosen the dirt from the window tracks.

Step #6. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the solution.

Repeat steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 until the track is clean. Change the microfiber cloth for a new one when it gets dirty

Cleaning Your Window Tracks With Clothes Steamer

Garment steamers have great utility all around the house. You can also use your garment steamer to easily clean window tracks.

This method of cleaning your track is inherently simple. That being said, you should be mindful of the several things before using it. For starters, ideally, you should start by conducting a spot test. Secondly, you should never use this method when the windows are still cold. Extreme temperature differences between the glass and the steam could crack or even shatter the glass. Thirdly, avoid using this method to on tracks and window panes made of finished wood and surfaces that have waxed, freshly painted, or polished surfaces. Finally, do not use this method if you live in s historical house that still has original wooden frames

Items you will need:

A garment steamer

Distilled water

A vacuum that has a crevice tool

Microfiber cloths

Step #1. Follow the instructions that come with your steamer for adding and heating the water.

Step #2. As your garment steamer heats the water, use a vacuum and the crevice tool to dislodge and remove large particle debris.

Step #3. Once the steamer is done heating water, use the steam to break up an loosen the stuck-on grime that is stuck in your window trucks.

Step #4. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe away the debris and grime.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the tracks are clean. Always change the microfiber cloth it gets dirty.

That about it. These methods are all you need to clean your window tracks. Pretty simple and straight forward, right? Once you learn and actually clean the window tracks, you might as well clean all facets of the window. Learn how to clean your drapes and curtains uses these tips.

However, should you find your schedule too tight to find to give your windows the attention they deserve, call in your local cleaning company! We are here to help with the housekeeping chores.

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