Did you resolve to create a cleaner house for the New Year? To accomplish that, your first step is to stock up on the correct solutions and tools to deal with any cleaning need.  Here’s a PRO checklist:

The Basics

Purchase a roomy and lightweight caddy.  The fill it with the following:

– A pair of gloves.

– An all-purpose spray that can be used as a glass cleaner and more.  It should be pH-balanced, and it should be constructed to disinfect.

– A pH-balanced floor cleaning solution that is “safe for any finished floor surface.” Those surfaces should include wood, baseboards, for spot-cleaning walls, etc.

– A cloth that is lint-free.  It is to be used for getting streaks off of mirrors and other hard surfaces made of glass.

– Instead of sponges, purchase multi-colored cleaning pads that are nonabrasive. A tip from the pros is to use color-coded pads to avoid cross-contamination.  For example, green can be for the kitchen; blue can be for the bathroom, etc.

– Purchase a toilet bowl cleaner with a dedicated brush. If you are using one brush for multiple bathrooms, ensure that the brush is contained in such a way that cross-contamination with other tools does not occur.

– Include high-quality microfiber cloths, an extendable microfiber duster, or both. A tip from the pros is to use microfiber mop-head covers.  These can be washed and reused over and over, and this makes them both environmentally sound and economical.

– Waffle-weave towels that are absorbent.  These will be used for wiping and drying.

– Purchase various sizes of brushes that are nylon and bristle.  These are used for gentle scrubbing and getting into hard to reach places.

– A roller for lint if you have pets that shed hair.

– A high-quality vacuum with attachments.  This is an essential item for keeping your house clean on a consistent basis. (Key vacuum-selection factors to consider will be covered in a future post.)

Specialty or Infrequent Cleaning

The basics are fine for when you are doing regular cleaning, or when you have professionals doing standard cleaning for you.  When you keep up with standard cleaning, soap scums, molds, and mildews don’t have a chance to pile on. However, for jobs that are tougher or for cleaning tasks that are less frequent, here’s what you should stock:

– A cleaner that is mildly abrasive. Use it at least temporarily until you get a regular standard cleaning routine.

– A limescale remover. This is a must if the area you live in has hard water or a high mineral content.

– A soap scum remover.  Ensure that it has the correct chemistry designed to dissolve the chemical bonds that develop in soaps, and hard water elements such as calcium and magnesium.

– A remover for mold and mildew.  If you can’t find one that is acceptable, chlorine bleach will work too.  This will destroy and control these living and multiplying organisms.

– Purchase wood soap.  This is used to clean wood floors, cabinets, furniture, etc. that is appropriately sealed.  However, you can also use a mild, all-purpose cleaner for these woods. You rarely need to polish except in places where extreme etches are causing the surface to appear dull.  If you have untreated or antique wood, see this post for how to maintain it best.

– Goo remover.  Got kids who love stickers and you can’t get those stickers off of surfaces? Got members of the family who are into crafts and hobbies where glue is used? A remover and a scraper made of plastic or a razor can remove the stickiness.

– Baking soda. Did you know that baking soda is not just for baking and deodorizing? You can use it to clean ovens and cooktops.  You can also use it for burnt pots and pans and as an emergency stain treatment (see below.)

– Squeegee. If you wash your windows, you need a squeegee.  You can also use it for cleaning mirrors and floors.

Stain Kit

Check this post (more general) for stain-treating dos and don’ts and to learn about particular stain-fighting tricks.   Also, check this one (for kid-related stains). Keep this on hand for your emergency stain kit:

– A dishwashing liquid that is for degreasing

– Nail polish remover made of acetone

– Ammonia

– Strong bleach action chlorine bleach

– Mild bleaching action hydrogen peroxide

– Oxidizing agent

– Baking soda

– Corn starch

– White vinegar

– Rubbing alcohol

– Glycerin

– A dry-cleaning solution that is nonflammable

Bring in the Professionals!

When you hire a professional service to clean your house, know that the best companies, such as Dashing Maids, always carry in their own supplies instead of giving you a list of things to buy.  You can trust that our solutions are always vetted and tested properly and that our cleaning team is properly trained on how to use supplies not only safely but effectively. Furthermore, you’ll free up lots of space in your house by not having to stock your own supplies.

Dashing Maids offers a full-suite of professional house cleaning services in Denver and the surrounding metro region.

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