You may know this or not but a lot of the items in your home can harbor, and in some instance, actively grow mold, mildew, bacteria, dust mites, and other pathogens. Routine and thorough washing is the best defense you have. How frequently you should carry out cleaning is dependent on the following considerations:

How wet does the item/places get? Damp or sopping?

Does it come into contact with body fluids on a routine basis?

Does it air-dry between uses?

Is it exposed to regular exposure to the sun?

Makes use of the following tips that will help negate the need for deep cleaning on a regular basis.


The Shower Liner Or Curtain – The must follow tip when it comes to these items is to wash them way before the mildew and mold growth signs appear. For the average household, this means cleaning the curtains and liners regularly about once every week. You can clean it every 2 weeks if you use a fan while bathing and you pull the liner from the bathtub allowing to air dry after every shower.

Bath Towels – Picking up the habit of reusing bath towels is a great way for you to save on water, energy, and detergent. However, do note that bath towels provide the right conditions for the growth and proliferation of bacteria. Bath towels are usually dark, dump, plush, and are used on the body, conditions that allow bacteria to thrive. As such, even if you hang the towels to air dry thoroughly, it is a good idea to wash them after 2 or 3 uses.

Hand Towels – Hand washing is probably the best way to limit the spread of germs and infections. However, not everyone washes their hands thoroughly, with this in mind, it is a good idea to swap the wash hand towels every so often. Furthermore, keep in mind, even when you wash a towel will bleach and hot water, you will not be able to kill all germs. As such, your towel will accumulate a lot of germs, especially as they age. Replace your towels quite regularly.

Bath Mat – You should wash your bath mat at least every once a week. Alternatively, you should wash it with each new load of towels. Also, keep in mind the fact that frequent washing of bath mats with anti-slip rubber backing causes the backing to wear out. When purchasing new bath mats, it is important to consider how washable it is.


Sheets – The professionals recommend that you clean your bed sheets once every week. If you want to push the intervals, it should not go beyond 2 weeks. However, your intervals should be determined how much you drool or perspire while sleeping, whether or not you wear PJs, whether you take bath before sleeping, whether or not you allow your pet on your bed, your bed-making habits, and much more.

Comforter Or Duvets – If your comforter is covered, wash the cover when washing our sheets and have the comforter washed once every season. However, if have a cover, it is important to wash the comforter as often as possible – typically as often as you wash the sheets. On the other hand, if you have a top sheet, you can reduce the frequency of washing the cover to once a month.

Blankets – The frequency with which you wash the blankets should depend on your usage. If you use often, wash along with your sheets. If you use rarely, wash it once a month.

Mattress Cover Or Pad – Bed sheets help reduce the transfer of dander and body fluids such as sweat to the mattress cover or pad. This creates a habitat for dust mites. As such, even when your mattress cover or designed to repel mites, it is a good idea to wash the covers and pads once every month.

Bed Skirt – You can get away with cleaning your bed skirts once a season or twice a year. However, you need to regularly move the bed and vacuum around and under the bed. However, if you suffer from dust allergies, you should increase the cleaning frequencies.

Pillows – You can get away with washing pillows once a season if you wash your pillow cases or covers as often as you wash your sheets. However, if you drool, perspire heavily, or if you have asthma or allergies, you should increase the frequency of cleaning the pillows.

Living Areas

Window Cleaning – You can get away with washing your windows once every season or even twice a year if you vacuum your blinds or windows on a weekly or at least every fortnight.

Blankets Or Throw Pillows – Typically, decorative pillows come with washable covers as well as inserts. If you vacuum the covers on a weekly basis, you can give them a thorough wash once every season. This applies to blankets as well.


Sponges – Synthetic sponges, regardless of the type are huge germ factories. You should sterilize them after every use. To this end, you should soak it in boiling water. Alternatively, you should run the sponge in a very hot cycle in your dishwasher. Even better, invest in cotton dishrags that you can wash on a daily basis with your laundry load.

Dishtowels – You should wash your dishtowels with each use. Additionally, replace the towel occasionally. This is especially important if you use the dishtowels to dry the serving platters, utensils, and dishes, which are not exposed to high temperatures that kill germs.

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