Follow these 5 easy steps to keep your home in (near) mint condition throughout the week without much effort!

  1. Wash Every Dish, Every Time

Do your best to not leave dirty dishes to build up in the kitchen or around the house. Dishes can pile up quickly, especially with our busy lives these days. Washing them before they have hours to harden, and become even more difficult to clean, will save you tons of TIME! ­­­ It never takes as long as you think, especially if you have a little help from a dishwasher.

  1. Make Your Bed

Not only is this a stress reducing activity but it feels so GOOD to climb into a nicely made bed. It has also been shown that making your bed every day leads to other good habits. Who can argue with that?

  1. Put Everything BACK Where It Belongs

Everything should have a place in your home. This seems obvious, but it is commonly overlooked in the average home. Putting things back can save countless hours of tidying up if you simply put items back as soon as you are done using them!

  1. Wipe Down the Counters Daily

Good bye dirty counter tops and hello clean (looking) home.  Counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms make up a good percentage of square feet in your home. Simply wiping them down every day will help eliminate buildup and keep the entire home looking fresh! BONUS TIP: Keep an all-purpose cleaner and some old towels or rags under each countertop in the house. It will be easier to stick with this task with the supplies at your fingertips.

  1. Keep Up with the Laundry

Create a system with your household members to cycle all the dirty clothes, towels, linens, etc. to the laundry room or corresponding laundry baskets daily. Most homes can manage on 1 load a day or less. Not allowing the laundry to pile up can save you from a 10-hour laundry day on the weekend.

Every household is different so fine tune these simple and effective tasks to work with your lifestyle. Remember, repetition is key, as it takes about 17 times of repeating something before it becomes a habit.

Share some tricks in the comments below that you use in your home to keep it looking fresh!

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