Child Chores

You spend countless hours every week cleaning up after your kids and the chaos that is your home. Why not ask for a little help in between your scheduled Dashing Maids visits? Kids love to feel included and it is never to early to instill in them the importance of responsibility and keeping a tidy home.  Follow these 5 simple tricks to keep kids motivated to help out around the house and give you the break you deserve!

1.  Have a chore chart posted in a high traffic zone that specifically designates which family member is responsible for which chores and let the kids help decorate it with stickers and their personal drawings. This can help them feel accountable and show them that they are a part of a team effort to keep the house running smoothly!

2. Use chore deadlines to coincide with daily family rituals such as leaving for school, going to bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will keep them from using the excuse “I was going to do it later” …sure you were. 😉

3. Keep organization systems kid friendly with bright colors and big labels. The simpler the task the more likely they are to do it on their own without you having to nag!

4. Make it an exciting challenge! Time them, have them perform group tasks on their own, or have siblings clean each others’ rooms.

5. Always reward them for their hard work! Whether its kind words of gratitude, a small allowance or 30 minutes to play their favorite video game, give them a reason to want to help out again!

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