Since people have been spending their time at home more and more often lately, many of us are trying to do something with the look of our rooms to make our stay more enjoyable. The idea of minimalism is to make a place that has less items but with more function. Minimalism does not mean that we have to give up all our things but to arrange the space in such a way that each object has its purpose.Β 

Let’s take a closer insight into the 12 Minimalist Tips for Decluttering Your Home.

How To Start With Decluttering

1. Start by doing something small

At first glance, decluttering can seem as strenuous and burdensome task, especially for people who are not in the habit of doing so. For starters, throw out things you don’t need. Or you can move slowly, opt for one thing that has no function, and throw it away.

2. Focus on a shelf/counter

To sharpen up your focus, pick one area, and start removing things that do not belong there. Put them away so you can do something with them later. If you are satisfied with the result, you can use a similar method for other places.

3. Maintaining and expanding of a clutter-free zone.

Once your small area is decluttered, try to keep it that way. Even better, you can try to expand that area each day by making small steps.

How To Find Your Minimalist Motivation

4. Create an image in your head

Imagine a picture of your room as it should look without clutter and then compare it with what is in your room. Things that sit in the same place for a long time create the illusion that they belong there.

5. Discus about the item with your friend

If you are too attached to an item that has no purpose, talking to a friend can help you see if you really need the item so much or not, and you will also hear their side of the story and look at things from a different perspective.

6. Think like Marie Kondo

During the process of deciding whether to keep something or not, ask yourself what the object is for, why you own it, whether it has a specific purpose, whether it brings you joy. This method of decluttering helps you to assess whether the item deserves to be in your room or not.

Decluttering In 20 Minutes A Day

7. Drawer decluttering

Instead of trying to decide what to take out of your drawer, remove all stuff from it and then decide what goes back in. Arrange the items neatly.

8. Get rid of expired medicine

The vast majority of people forget to check the medicine cabinet. For your safety, dispose of any expired products and replace those you want to have.

9. Get a donation bag and fill it

To make it more interesting, compete with a relative in filling an empty bag with donating items. Also, make a plan of what you will do later with that bag. If donations centers are closed, consider other alternatives like shelters.

10. Create a space for your paperwork

Scattered papers make a huge mess in the room, so choose one spot to keep them tidy. Place any paperwork in this place before you start making clutter.

11. Remove five things in five minutes

If you don’t have too much time, identify five items that are out of place. You can move these items to another suitable place or give them to someone. Dashing Maids can do the job if you aren’t interested to, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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