Cleaning a house isn’t an easy task. When house cleaning isn’t done the right way, you may end up with a house that is dirtier than when you started. The following are ten common house cleaning mistakes that you may be making, leading you to clean your house repeatedly without success.

  1. Using the Same Tools to Clean Different Places
    When you use the same tool to clean all the areas in your house, you are cross-contaminating and spreading germs around your house. Avoid using the same cleaning rags, brushes, and other cleaning tools to clean your bathroom and kitchen. Our company has cleaning tools for different purposes to help you avoid cross-contamination. We have color-coded cleaning rags that will help you to differentiate what you use to clean different parts of your house.
  2. Using Substandard Tools
    When it comes to cleaning the house, most people don’t use the right tools but rather use a cleaning rug from their old clothes. However, these tools aren’t effective and may even expose you to health issues when they blow up dust and germs in the air that you are breathing. Therefore, always go for quality cleaning tools for effectiveness in your cleaning process and your health.
  3. Failure to Clean and Dry Your Cleaning Tools
    Did you know the tools you use to clean your house should also be cleaned and left to dry? Most people will tuck the broom and other cleaning tools into a corner without cleaning them after they are done cleaning the house. When the tools are left wet and dirty, they provide a perfect habitat for the growth of germs. You will later spread the germs around your house next time you pick the tool for house cleaning. Always wash your cleaning tools and leave them to dry after you are done cleaning your house.
  4. Neglecting Some Places
    Some parts of the house are rarely cleaned and are left for weeks or months before they are washed. These places will gather dust, mold, and other elements that will trigger a foul smell in your house. That is why you are experiencing funny smells in your house even after assuming you have done thorough cleaning. To avoid this, don’t neglect any part of your house during cleaning.
  5. Making Your Bed After Waking Up
    While you were taught that making your bed is a sign of being disciplined, it may not be good for the cleanliness of your house. Dust mites and other pathogens flourish dump and dark places but quickly die when they are exposed to sunlit. However, it doesn’t mean you should leave your bed unattended. Leaving your bed covers turned down, and opening windows will keep your bed neat and free from pathogens at the same time.
  6. Cleaning Windows During a Sunny Day
    When you wash your windows on a sunny day, you are probably not going to do a thorough job. Constriction of eyes due to the bright sun will make you miss dirt and lines on the window panes. You will also not point out and clean streaks on the windows because they will dry fast. You should consider cleaning your windows during the cloudy days.
  7. Applying Furniture Polish
    While furniture polish is good for making your wood surfaces shiny and filling scratches, they don’t clean the dirt on the surfaces. Instead, they provide a breeding ground for germs by protecting dirt and microscopic food particles on the surfaces. If you want to facelift the appearance of your furniture by applying furniture polish, always clean them first.
  8. Disorganized Cleaning
    Most people will have no plan when cleaning their house, and all they want is to see all the parts have been cleaned. However, failure to have an organized cleaning procedure is what may be causing you to leave some parts dirt after you are done cleaning your house. Our professional cleaning team outlines a plan before they start cleaning to ensure they don’t pass over cleaned surfaces or drop dirt as they clean other areas. We will start from high to low to ensure everything flows smoothly without leaving behind dirt.
  9. Using Wrong Cleaning Solutions
    You need to use cleaning solutions that are safe and effective in their cleaning. The solutions should break down and bond with dirt, suspend dirt particles in water and wash them away without leaving harmful residues behind. Substandard cleaning solutions will do more harm than good, where they may harm your surfaces and the person using them to clean.
  10. Not Following Instructions
    Even if you have the right cleaning solutions, but you don’t use them as recommended by the manufacturer, you aren’t going to achieve the desired results. For instance, you have to mix and soak a sanitizer or disinfectant as recommended by the manufactured to be effective in cleaning germs.

To get more tips on how to clean your house like a PRO, call us. We have everything you need to keep your house sparkling clean.

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