Air conditioners are important appliances in our homes. However, many people will only remember the existence of air conditioners during the hot months of the year. That is when most people will consider caring and cleaning the A/C units. This unit keeps temperatures in your home under check by collecting heat and humidity in your home and transferring it to the outside. Evaporator coils and condenser coils are used in collecting heat and humidity and directing it outside, respectively. When any of these coils become dirty, there will be less heat transfer; hence, the unit will not be effective in cooling your interior.

Furthermore, the unit will start to strain to maintain its original performance and ends up consuming more energy, which means increased utility costs on your end. Besides, dirt on the coils will cause corrosion resulting in chemical refrigerant leaks, wear and tear, and overall system break down. This will mean you will have to repair or replace the unit, which is costly. However, you can avoid these costs by adhering to routine air conditioner cleaning.

Air conditioner cleaning isn’t limited to cleaning coils only. The filters and pans for drains and moisture-collection are also cleaned in the process. The filters capture and prevent dust, mold, and other allergens from finding their way into your interior. A/C cleaning will prevent clogging of the filter, which will ensure the air quality in your interior is not affected. Cleaning the pans ensures they don’t provide a habitat for mildew, mold, and algae to thrive. Furthermore, the pans will not be suspectable to rust. So, how do you clean you’re A/C?

Air Conditioner Cleaning Process

While you may clean a window or wall A/C unit by yourself, cleaning central A/C units is best delegated to a professional. These experts will be more thorough in their cleaning and use their experience to execute the cleaning while observing safety precautions. Poor handling of the unit can result in more damage than home both to the unit and person doing the cleaning if an accident occurs.

If you want to clean your wall A/C unit, the following are steps you should follow:
Disconnect the unit from the window or wall
Open the unit and vacuum/brush the coils. If you have not cleaned your air conditioner for long, you may need a specialized coil cleaner to get rid of the stubborn dirt on the coil.

Clean the fan blades, drain pan, and other removable parts using an all-purpose cleaner

Clean the filter thoroughly or consider replacing it if it has beaten down
Take keen when cleaning the parts to remove algae, mold, and mildew from the parts.

The following are central A/C unit cleaning tasks that should be delegated to a professional:
Straightening out bent fins
Cleaning fan blades and other interior parts
Servicing the outside condenser
Cleaning the inside evaporator coils, air vents, and air handler.

Air conditioner cleaning is a crucial exercise that you should observe routinely for the benefit of your unit and your health. However, if you aren’t skilled and experienced in handling A/C, you should hire a professional to handle the cleaning. Call us to schedule a cleaning today!

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