Bathtubs are slowly being replaced by showers but it’s not like they’ve totally vanished. Some homeowners like to keep a bathtub installed perhaps for a romantic touch or just a place to relax and ease with a glass of wine after a long day. Whatever your reasons are to keep a bathtub in your bathroom, you can’t deny that washing it is much more complicated than cleaning a shower area. The water that fills the tub can leave its marks and form lime scales, streaks of mineral deposit and soap remains. All of this can accumulate overtime and culminate into a dirty bathtub.

If you want to get your bathtub back in shape, you’ll need to get down to some cleaning. Here in this article, we’ve describe exactly how to clean and scrub your bathtub to get it polished and brand new once again.

Before you proceed with the cleaning, make sure you have these following items on you:

·        A grout brush

·        A tile cleaning liquid

·        A bathroom cleaning spray or liquid

·        A toothbrush

·        Microfiber cloth or sponge

Step-by-Step Instructions to Scrub Your Bathtub

Begin with removing everything near and inside the bathtub. This means you’d want to remove all the toiletries and any rubber ducks you might have in the tub. All shampoo bottles and other cleaning accessories should be removed as well. Since you’re cleaning the bathtub, take it as an opportunity to dispose anything that you don’t need including empty bottles or soap. You should also wipe all of the items you have removed because soap scum has its way of getting on just about everything.

Next comes the actual cleaning part. You’ll need to get into the tub yourself of course so make sure you have your cleaning gear on! Start by using the grout brush and the tile cleaner to wash the sides and walls of the tub. It’s a good idea to work in a systematic manner starting from the top to the bottom. Rinse the walls so the tile cleaner is removed before you move on to the next cleaning solution.

Spray the bathroom cleaner onto the tub walls, paying careful attention to the more dirty or sticky areas. The smell of the cleaner might be pretty pungent so you’d want to keep the room aerated and well-ventilated.

Apply the cleaner to the inside and outside of the tub and let it sit in the inside for about 10 minutes. This waiting period will let the cleaner soak in and break through all the grime and dirt collected on the walls. Afterwards, wipe the cleaner with a sponge or clean cloth working your way from the top of the tub to the bottom. You may need to apply extra force to the areas that are still sticky or have limescale streaks.

Soap scum is the next thing that should be on your list of things to remove. Use an old toothbrush to scrub all the areas where soap scum has collected. Scrubbing is the key to removing soap scum and it can be done without adding any special cleaners.

Finally, wash the ring around your bathtub if you have one. You might also require the toothbrush for this one. Wrap up your cleaning by wiping the tub dry with cloth or sponge.

Golden Tips for Cleaning Your Bathtub

When you’re cleaning your bathtub, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the material it’s made up of. If it’s acrylic or enamel, don’t scrub the metallic areas. Using the wrong brush or a brush with harsh bristles can damage your tub and you want to avoid that.

Also, if you don’t have a commercial cleaner on your hands, you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clean the bathtub as well.

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