moving out cleaning services in Denver Moving to a new home is always an exciting yet daunting process. In the process of packing, hiring movers, and collecting your very last memories in the house it’s not completely surprising to forget a last move out deep cleaning. Qualified Denver home cleaning companies can help ease this important moving out step for you and when you’re hiring a professional team like Dashing Maids, you can completely relax and focus on the other, bigger things involved in the moving process.

Cleaning when you move out is a necessity because not only does it help improve the appeal of your house for a future tenant but it will also help you if you have a big security deposit that you can claim. Don’t have time for it? Just leave the moving out deep cleaning to Denver home cleaners!

Our Moving Out Services Plan and Checklist

Dashing Maids always proceeds with each cleaning service with a well thought-out plan. We begin by creating a checklist of all of the areas that need to be covered in the move out cleaning service. We also discuss our plan with you so that you stay in the loop. We accommodate requests from our clients in our plan as well.

Broadly speaking, our move out cleaning plan and checklist comprises of:

  •        Dusting all the rooms in the entire house
  •        Cleaning built-in appliances such as kitchen appliances
  •        Cleaning cupboards, drawers and cabinets
  •        Wiping countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms
  •        Deep cleaning the shower and bath area as well as the toilet
  •        Sweeping and mopping the floors and vacuuming the carpeted areas

Our seasoned team of Denver home cleaners at Dashing Maids will make sure all of the items in the checklist above are completed. We give attention to detail and make sure nothing important is left behind. When you’re moving to a new residence, call us for a deep cleaning moving out service for your home!

Moving In Plan

Home cleaning companies in Denver not only offer services to clients that are moving out but also to those who need a deep cleaning done in the new house they move into. It’s always refreshing to begin with a clean slate and this requires that your new house is in top shape as well. Dashing Maids makes moving in cleaning easy for you through a systematic plan and move in checklist. We’ll engage in a thorough cleaning session top to bottom before you unpack so you can begin your new chapter in the most spotless of ways possible.

Call your number one Denver home cleaning company, Dashing Maids, today, and receive 50% off your first visit as a NEW customer!  If looking to prepare your home for a professional cleaning service and want to know how, reach out to us.  Call (720) 924-6513  today for all your cleaning solutions!


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