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We are Premier House Cleaners serving Denver and its surrounding areas.

We at Dashing Maids are proud to provide FREE cleanings for women battling cancer through our partnership with Cleaning For A Reason!!!


Types of House Cleaning Services

One time | Weekly | Bi – Weekly | Monthly | Move Out

We start all clients with an Initial Deluxe Deep Cleaning, which allows 3-5 Professional Cleaning Technicians the time needed to truly clean your home at the deepest level. We then offer our recurring service, the Perfect Maintenance Cleaning which efficiently maintains your home and gives you hours of time back each week!

Dashing Maids is a locally woman-owned business. We take pride in ensuring you are happy with our services.

Unhappy with our service? Notify us within 24 hours of your scheduled clean and we will return to correct the issue for FREE!


Eco-friendly Maid Services

Organic | Sustainable | Hypoallergenic

We treat your home and family as our own.

Keep your home healthy & allergen-free without all the hassle. Our green products clean and sanitize every surface in your home.

Here are the products we proudly use for their green qualities & effectiveness:
Envirox H2 Orange – All Purpose
Citrasolve – Degreaser
Bon Ami – Powdered Cleanser

Convenient Cleaning Solutions

Consistent Scheduling | E-mail Reminders

Don’t let house cleaning become an inconvenience. Once you book your cleaning, let us take care of the rest.

We will connect with you on all the details up front so your home cleaning service will be the last thing you have to worry about moving forward!

Professional Denver Maid Services

We offer premier house cleaning services in Denver and surrounding areas.

Dashing Maids originated in Denver, CO striving to become the friendliest and greenest cleaning service around. We intend to honestly and ethically build long lasting relationships while conserving the environment and bettering our community.

Learn more about Dashing Maids and our history.

There is no magic to home cleaning, it simply takes the right tools and time. We here at Dashing Maids have perfected this process and truly enjoy what we do! From carefully selecting and providing all supplies to transform your home, to applying efficient and earth conscious cleaning methods, we will make sure your cleaning experience is hassle-free with NO contracts!

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Eco-Friendly Denver Maid Services for your Home


There’s absolutely no shame in admitting you need help to clean around your house because of your busy work and family schedule. We completely understand how draining a day in the office can be. When you’re working around the clock, and caring for your family, the last thing you want to worry about is dusting and vacuuming the house.

Leave it up to the qualified Denver home cleaning professionals at Dashing Maids!

We’ll make sure your house is spotless with our modern and effective cleaning plan that is curated to your individual requirements. Whether it’s a regular cleaning service you require or a special occasion cleaning once in a while, our team of professional cleaners has got you covered!

Cleaning on the Daily

Many homeowners require regular cleaning services because of their busy lives and schedules. If you’re one of them, we can help you. Our customers usually prefer getting the house cleaned weekly or biweekly. This ensures that your house is always clean and free from allergens, pollutants, bacteria and other threatening agents to your health.

Weekly cleaning visits are the most popular option especially for homes that have large families, toddlers, or individuals who have a busy schedule most days of the week.

Another popular cleaning plan is getting professional services done every other week. Monthly services are also pretty common and they help keep your house in shape with a thorough deep cleaning session.

This might sound surprising but regular house cleaning services actually cost a lot less than getting your house cleaned only on special occasions. That’s because when you hire a professional company like Dashing Maids, you’ll get an entire cleaning plan for regular residential cleaning. Plus, when you work with us in a regular basis, we’ll understand what your house cleaning requirements are and the ultimate cost and time spent in regular cleaning services will reduce.

Cleaning Services on Special Occasions

A generous majority of homeowners choose to ask the help of a professional home cleaning company only when an event or special occasion is coming up. This could be a house party, a family reunion or a holiday when they’re expecting a lot of people in the house. Alternatively, many of our customers will also hire us to clean up the house after an event or occasion.

When you’re expecting company in your house, you need to make sure that your house is in top shape. Dashing Maids is in a strong position to help you do just that. We’ll work out a schedule with you and make sure your house is prepped up before your special celebration happens.

Pick the Cleaning Plan that Fits Your Needs

At Dashing Maids, we’ll offer you a lot of flexibility in our professional residential cleaning plans. Although weekly cleaning is by far the best option both in quality and cost, it’s important that you understand the plan you need. We’ll accommodate your cleaning requirements in our plan and make sure that whatever schedule you choose, it’s done with perfection.


Dashing Maids provides unparalleled cleaning services to every client. If you have a busy lifestyle, relax and leave the house cleaning to us!

Call us now at (720) 924-6513 to talk to us today!  


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“Ashley and her crew are the best house cleaning service I have ever employed. So friendly and so fast, yet so thorough. My house feels and smells so clean, and that freshness lasts. Would highly recommend to all my friends.” -Kellie C.


We have been dashing maids customers for a couple of years now and the service is always impeccable. Most recently our cleaning team has included Katie and Hannah, and I always get excited when I see them arrive. I know my house will be clean and I’ll get the pleasure of their company while they clean it. They do a great job and give me such peace of mind!” -Stephanie B.


“Thank you Talon! It was great to walk into my office today to have it sparkly clean and ready for a week of patients!” – Emmy C.


“Hannah G was great! She even left a nice note on my countertop that said, “Have a great weekend!” I love personal touches like that.” – Katelyn Z.


“I have been using Dashing Maids for several years now, and appreciate the communication and consistency with which our home is cleaned. The cleaner that always treats our home as if it were hers is Katie.   Thanks Katie for your hard work!” – Michelle C.


“There is no one that cleans our house as well as Katie does! She is meticulous and genuinely loves to clean, and it absolutely shows. We love it when it is our cleaning day. I could not be happier with the services provided by her and the Dashing Maids company. They are responsive, timely, and have overall been a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable cleaning company.” – Kristin W. 


“It’s so nice to come home to a sparkling clean house! I’ve worked with other cleaning companies in the past and Dashing Maids always provides a more thorough clean than I’ve found with other companies for a very reasonable price. Plus, they’re great with my dog and don’t mind that he’s at home when they come to clean. I highly recommend Dashing Maids!” – Miriam T.


“I have never had a cleaning service, but considered it often. Dashing Maids put a flyer on my door which intrigued me enough to call them. I was impressed with their initiative and enthusiasm that I hired them after our initial meeting. Now every other week I get to come home to a wonderfully clean house with their charming additions that make me smile. I’m not sure they are trying to turn my “black thumb” into a greenish one, but I haven’t killed the lucky bamboo they left as a surprise yet. I’d fully endorse them as a cleaning, Dashing Maids service.” -Maggie B.


“We are very pleased with the service we received with Dashing Maids. Their communication and customer service is superb! Ashley is professional and has great attention to detail. She took the time to take notes on all the areas in our house that I wanted to have cleaned during our first walk through, which I really appreciated. In the past, I’ve done walk throughs with other cleaning companies, explained what I wanted cleaned, they nod “yes” and then didn’t follow through. When Dashing Maids came to clean on our scheduled date, they were very efficient. Everything looked great when they were finished and I’m looking forward to having Dashing Maids return on a regular basis.” – Kara S.


I was extremely pleased with Ashley’s team and they left my house extra-sparkling, making me look good for my in-laws’ visit. All traces of puppy fur and hard-to-remove gunk removed, and the house smelled clean, like lavender (not harsh chemicals). This is thorough, professional, fairly priced, and courteous service. All the stars!” -Stacey P.


“My house is sparkling clean – thank you Dashing Maids! We have white walls in our living room, and our Labrador likes to lean against the wall often, to the point that dirt from her coat rubs off on the white wall, which I noticed was quite bad before the cleaning, but gone now! Definitely, recommend to anyone looking for a good deep clean!


“Exceptional! We love the work she did, very thorough, professional, and so clean! Thank you for the fridge clean too! We are happy campers.”


“Trustworthy cleaners who do an excellent job. They show up promptly and communicate in advance when a schedule change is needed. Our house always looks amazing afterwards and we look forward to our bi-weekly cleanings. We also love that they use non toxic cleaners that are safe for plus, our pets, and the baby.”

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