It’s ironic how we tend to use the back door or the kitchen door more than the actual front entrance. Because of this odd habit, we actually tend to neglect the state of our front door and forget to spruce it up now and then. When a friendly neighbor arrives, they might be the one to point out how your front entrance needs some working. If you’re looking for some tips on how to enhance the look of your home’s front door entrance, we’ve got some helpful tips for you. Elevate your home’s curb appeal through these simple and DIY hacks.

Enhance the Look of Your Front Door


First Step: Clean, Clean, Clean

Before you begin to revamp the look of your front entrance with decor, you might want to clean what’s already there. Yes, this will require some hard work and time but all your effort will definitely pay off in the end. Get your cleaning tools out and start polishing the front door. The front entrance is always exposed to all the elements and tends to take a lot of hits. With a little hard work, though, you can reverse the damage that’s been done.

#1: Wash all windows

Any windows near and around your front entrance will need to be washed thoroughly for the ultimate fresh effect. You can use plain water and commercial glass cleaners for this. You’re also going to require microfiber cloth and perhaps a wiper if the window is large. If you’re unsure of how to clean your windows, don’t hesitate to call a reliable cleaning company like Dashing Maids.

#2: Polish those steps

That short stairway that leads to your home’s front entrance has probably accrued dust and dirt over time. If you haven’t been paying attention to it, the steps are probably a hub of dirt and mud. Make sure you remove all kinds of grime and debris from the steps because that’s the first place any guest will lay eyes upon before actually approaching the front door. You might also want to clean the steps on a regular basis. We suggest setting up a cleaning schedule so that you’re always reminded of wiping and washing the stairway on a frequent basis.

#3: Wipe away the dust from the Welcome Mat

If you intend to keep your old welcome mat, it’s important that you wipe it off and remove all the dust and mud before placing it back. If it is made up of a washable material, you’d want to wash it first to get a fresh look out of it. But if your welcome mat is pretty worn out and old, you might want to consider investing in a new one to replace it.

Final Touches with Front Door Décor

There are multiple ways to make your front door look more inviting and aesthetic. Perhaps one of the most commonly employed ways is to add some seasonal décor to the front door. This could be a wreath that you can hang on the entrance. Go one step further and customize your wreath according to the holiday or season for a renewed effect of your home’s front entrance.

Alternatively, you could spruce up the look of your home’s front door by hanging some greens or flowers according to the season.

As you can see from this article, a good majority of enhancing the look of your front door relies on cleaning. When you’ve probably deep cleaned the entrance, everything will feel fresh automatically even if you don’t invest in decor. If you are looking for an expert house cleaning service in Denver, look no further than Dashing Maids. 

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