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Moving Is Tough on Kids, But These Tips Can Make it Easier On You

When you’re trying to move, there are a ton of reasons why having fewer things in your house
will help you along the way. First, you’ll save money since you won’t have to pay to transport
items you don’t need. You’ll also make your home look better overall, and that will have a
positive impression on buyers and agents alike. But when you have kids, trying to purge your
possessions feels like an uphill battle. Keep reading for tips on how to do it and keep your home
clean in the process without putting your entire family on lockdown.

Offsite storage is your friend

If it’s seasonal, it can live elsewhere for a while. Keep this in mind as you start looking for ways
to clear each room, including the garage and closets. Make sure to have a stockpile of heavy-
duty cardboard boxes on-hand, and then fill them with winter coats, holiday decorations, and
toys the kids won’t use until the weather changes (sleds in the summer, pool floats and bikes in
the winter). Pack these items well and look for a reasonably-sized local storage unit. A 10 x 15
unit at CubeSmart Self Storage can give you 150 square feet of additional storage space for
around $83 — which is a bargain and also an expense you might easily recoup at closing. Your
storage unit can also hold excess furniture and small appliances that you don’t really need.
Keep in mind that your buyers will probably open the closets so shoving your extra stuff there
won’t make a great impression. They’ll see that storage space is low and will be more open to
continuing their home search.

Tackle the emotions before you tackle the chores

One of the most difficult aspects of keeping your home clean and clear of clutter is doing so
without upsetting the tiniest members of your family. Children are almost instinctively hoarders
and will happily stockpile everything from broken LEGOs to pants that are two sizes too small.
Have a sit-down conversation and explain to them why it’s important to keep the house clean. If
possible, allow them to visit their new home or show them pictures of where their stuff will go
once you’ve moved. In the meantime, reassure them they can still pick out their own clothes and
keep their favorite toys close with them. This will help provide them some control during a time
when emotions are likely high.
Moving is a traumatic experience, and one that family education Amy Deutsch explains
essentially means starting over. Your children will be faced with establishing a new life in a new
home, possibly in a new town, and this means leaving the relative security of your current home.
Putting a little effort into easing the transition and the day-to-day tasks, such as cleaning and
decluttering, will be less of a physical and emotional burden on your entire family.

Establish a routine

Once the clutter is gone and the kids are on board, it’s time to establish daily habits to help keep
your home clean so you can be ready for a showing when the time comes. Your daily cleaning
routine should include wiping down hard surfaces in the bathroom, making the beds, and
clearing books, papers, magazines, and toys from the main living spaces. You should also
make a point to keep dishes off the counter and clothes in the laundry room where they belong
instead of on the bedroom floor.
Bankrate explains that a dirty house is a huge turnoff to buyers. Tackle the stuff strangers are
likely to notice first, such as pet odors, food left in the living room, and unmade beds. Don’t be
afraid to put the kids to work wiping down baseboards and folding laundry while you do the
heavy duty cleaning.

If, despite your best efforts, you find that you don’t have the time or energy to keep things neat and tidy, contact DashingMaids for a free quote. A little extra help might be just what you need during this tumultuous time!

Written By: Kristin Louis


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