You have invested so much time and money into your home.  This is why it is important to use to correct cleaning products, the best tools, and the right techniques to clean and protect your home.  Here are some tips to clean like the PROS;

1. Countertops-Countertops are made from all different materials.  Whether you have stainless steel, marble, granite, laminate, copper, or solid surface, you must learn what type of cleaner will protect and enhance the countertop.  You need to consider how much moisture is acceptable and the acidic nature to ensure your countertop cleaner is the right one.

2. Hard Floors-You must ask yourself whether you have sealed or unsealed flooring, glazed or unglazed, porous or non-porous.  These simple questions will help guide you to a cleaner that will enhance your floors not damage them.

3. Microfiber Cloths-Microfiber cloths can be quite amazing at getting rid of gunk, streaks, and even germs.  However, many microfiber cloths require specific washing instructions to ensure their durability and effectiveness.  Make sure to read your cloth’s label before cleaning.

4. Pillows-Only buy pillows that are washable.  Pillows that are not washable are not worth the high cost of maintenance.  Make sure you wash your pillows frequently and without fabric softener.

5. Fine Wood Furniture and Antiques-It is never advisable to use large amounts of water or harsh chemicals on these valuable items.  Remember, even some wood polish is not the best answer as it can damage the finish. Try something very mild and only use a small amount.

6. Mold and Mildew-Mold and mildew are not only unsightly and stinky but can also be a health hazard for members of your household.  Always try to prevent mold and mildew before it gets out of hand. Getting rid of mold can be a vert costly endeavor. This is why you should try to catch it before it is bad.

7. Carpets-It is a good idea to request all guest leave shoes at the entry of your home.  Also, use a vacuum with a HEPA filtration system to make sure all dust, dander, and mites are at bay.  

8. Walls-It is important to know what kind of paint is on your walls before trying to clean them.  Some paint should not be scrubbed while other paint is fine to be washed.

9. LCD/Flat Screens-Never use a household mirror or glass cleaner.  These machines deserve a specially formulated treatment designed to keep their screens safe.

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