Spring Cleaning To-do's

Woohoo!!! It’s that time of year again! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining in corners you wish would clean themselves.

Spring cleaning is a daunting yet satisfying adventure. Keep the following tips in mind while cleaning up and clearing out:

~REDUCE: Clutter, junk mail, clothes, toys, knick-knacks, or broken things you keep promising you will fix one day. Let’s be real, if you have not used it in the past 6 months then you probably don’t need it. A clutter free home is a clutter free mind. Plus, fewer items in your home means less time spent dusting and more time doing the things you LOVE!

~RECYCLE: Repurpose items in your home that you forgot you had or can be given new life, instead of throwing them out. Do your best to donate all other items to homeless shelters, schools, halfway homes, and other non-for-profit businesses that benefit your community.

~BREAK IT UP: Do not feel like you need to accomplish all of these tasks in one day. Schedule a few out over the next few weeks and truly cherish your hard work. Or if you have children, a spouse, or roomies put them to work and suggest a treat for a job well done!  Maybe everyone can head out for a dinner and a movie after a long day of work. Coming home to a freshly cleaned house is AWESOME!!

Alright then, slap on those laundry day pants and let’s find some Zen in household chores!

  1. Clean out trash cans & bins. This task works best in the yard with a hose, bucket, and soapy sponge or scrub brush.
  2. Wipe down all doors and trim. Specifically, the areas around light switches and door knobs which tend to collect dirt and germs like nobody’s business.*Do not forget the edges or lips on 6-Panel doors or doors with windows.
  3. Change the batteries in all of your smoke detectors & Carbon Monoxide detectors. While you’re at it check to be sure your fire extinguishers have not expired and are easily accessible.
  4. Grab your helper and pull out all the large furniture items such as couches, chairs, tables, dressers, night-stands, shelves, beds, and large area rugs. Vacuum, sweep and scrub away those dust bunnies that have managed to hide away since last spring. Who knows, you may even find those missing earrings from a few months back…..BONUS!!!
  5. Reseal grout lines in showers, windows, and doorway’s. This will help with your energy bill in the winter too!
  6. Detail clean those window sills. Grab your old toothbrush and a hand full of Q-tips for detailed tasks such as this. You may need a vacuum to help lift out the excess dirt and loose debris.
  7. Wash drapes and clean blinds:
    • Drapes/Curtains: Be sure to review your instruction labels for care on all window coverings before washing or dry-cleaning.
    • Wooden blinds: Unfortunately these beautiful window coverings require a bit of time to individually clean each blind by hand with warm soapy water. Your best preventative measure would be to give each blind a quick dust daily!
    • Plastic blinds can be cleaned by removing them from the wall and soaking them in a tub of warm soapy water then gently wiping clean. Hang the blinds back over the window and completely open and extend them to air dry.
  8. Clean out under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Be sure to throw out any toxic or expired cleaning solutions and replace them with home-made all natural products. You might as well re-organize while you’re down there! (Organizing tips and all natural cleaning supply recipes can be found on our Pinterest Boards! https://www.pinterest.com/dashingmaids/

Of course, if you just can’t find enough time to get these items checked off your list then Call us at 720.924.6513 or Email us at hello@dashingmaids.com! We would love to take care of all your house cleaning needs!

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